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Do you call kidnaps if you take away your own child


Mumbai, December 20, 2006

US, Michigan NRI's wife, Jital Khimasia separated for the one year, living in India, claimed that her husband kidnapped her 3 years daughter, Nishka. On Friday Nishka did not return home after school and mother said that school (Ishwardas Haridas School in Matunga) authorties confirmed that her husband picked her from school.

Matunga police station, police officer also confirmed that Rahul had come to Mumbai 10 days ago and had been regularly meeting Nishka at Jital’s house in Wadala. Rahul did not contact his parents since Friday

According to news media and police reports that Rahul Khimasia, 36 have been separated for a year from his wife Jital Khimasia 33. Mr. Rahul Khimasia is an employee of an insurance company, a Programmer/Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. We are still investigating with Blue Cross Blue Shield for his back ground.

It is learnt that Rahul's parents were trying to convince Jital and Rahul, live together. Rahul was not living normal life since separation.

Matunga police have registered a kidnapping case against Rahul under section 363 of the IPC and inform immigration author ties in Mumbai to stop Rahul back to the US.


  • I have read this article and really get shocked because Mr. Rahul should not forgot that his daughter Nishika one day becomes next Jital like her mom and she will take revenge on Mr. Rahul even though he is a Dad (to me he is dead) thing I want to let every one know that please if your Parent(specially Grooms Parent) are not well educate please do not let them interfere in wife-husband personal life (You give respect to parent and take care of them but don't allow them to control your life) To me it sounds like Rahul needs a whore or a prostitute not a wife whom he can get from any bar or near cheap motel in any part of USA.Also Insurance Company should not entertain this kind of Employee in their office because he may create problem as a sick minded guy, Thanks for reading..Richmond, USA,

  • Updated: Rahul and Jital Khimasia are legally divorced in the USA and he was awarded sole legal custody of his US citizen daughter Nishka after Jital kidnapped her a year back and took her to India. The Indian legal system is very slow and it would have taken Rahul Khimasia more than 20 years to get his daughter back if he left it to the Indian Courts. A sane person would say that Rahul Khimasia exercised his legal right by bringing his American citizen daughter back to the USA......Anyhow, the Indian government is not a signatory to the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction and says that parental child abduction is not a crime.... One Indian newspaper article says that Rahul Khimasia is an Indian citizen, works at a departmental store in New Jersey and the other says that the Indian legal system has lodged a case of kidnapping against the sole legal custodial parent 'Rahul Khimasia' for leaving India with his own US citizen daughter - the case was filed based on a complaint by the ex-wife who had kidnapped the daughter from the USA a year back......... Sant Mahajan, Detroit
  • Updated:
    Rahul (the husband) and Nishka (the daughter) are US citizens. Jital (the wife) is an Indian citizen and a US permanent resident (green card holder). Rahul has lived in Michigan, US since 1989, while Jital joined him in 1997 and lived through out in Michigan, US since 1997. Nishka was born in Michigan, US in 2003............
    JJ, Detroit, India (got email but not confirmed)
  • This case should not be a criminal case. If women wants equal right why not men should have that. It is not still clear that they are all US citizen or not. If they are US citizen or resident, mother must stay in US, not in India to deprive husband to see her daughter. Some women use the tool to keep children isolated from father to give a lesson.........Ashok Patel, NYC
  • Hi Patel, you are right for some extent but lot of educated NRI women are treated like a animal by husbands, specially when husband's parents are involved and feel that house belongs to them and not to her. Women hurt so much, divorce and then they use the tool of children by keeping away from husband........... Baljit Kaur, Toronto





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