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NRI's Love story turns into suicide, blames bar dancer


Bombay, July 11, 2005
Nishant A Bhuse
Mid Day

On the night of July 9, the Oshiwara police recovered the decomposed body of 35-year-old NRI Jayesh Narayandas Sonejee, a Dubai-based businessman, who had committed suicide.

The body was discovered by the caretaker at an apartment at Dheeraj Gaurav Heights, Lokhandwala.

The suicide note found next to the body blamed his girlfriend Aarti Harinarayan Raj (21), a dancer at Carnival dancebar, Worli and her associate, Hitesh, for betrayal and cheating.

It is learnt that the deceased was diabetic and may have overdosed on insulin. He was staying at a flat owned by Aarti’s eldest sister, Bharti Raj (24).

Body discovered

NRI Sonejee was staying at the apartment since the last eight days and every few days, the caretaker, Charu Maheshwari, would visit the flat get it cleaned.

On the night of July 9, Charu came to the flat with a request from Bharti to vacate the flat, as she wanted to shift base from Bangalore to Mumbai in few days. In the bedroom, she found Sonejee’s decomposed body and promptly informed the police.

The building’s security guard added that Sonejee was last seen on Thursday, July 7, when he came down to collect a food parcel in the afternoon.

No foul play

The Oshiwara police said there were no obvious signs of foul play. The body was found in the bedroom with the mobile phone hands-free still in the corpse’s ears.

“There were no signs of any violent act in the room and all the valuables were still intact,” stated sub-inspector Popat Muley of Oshiwara police station. The cops also found four empty bottles of insulin with syringes, next to the corpse.

They believe that Sonejee may have committing suicide by overdosing on the insulin.

Love story turns sour

The police say it was Bharti who first met Sonejee three years ago in a dance bar at Dubai where they became friends.

When Sonejee arrived in Mumbai last year, he was introduced to Aarti, and they fell in love. The police said that whenever Sonejee came to the city, he spent a lot of money on Aarti, which made him financially weak.

Police sources added that Sonejee wanted to divorce his wife and get married to Aarti, but she refused his proposal. Police say that Sonejee learnt that Aarti was two-timing him and had cheated him of a lot of money.
Did not take calls

According to Bharti’s statement to the police, she permitted Sonejee to reside at her apartment, whenever he visited Mumbai. She also said that Sonejee and Aarti fought frequently.

It is learnt that Sonejee last spoke to Aarti on Thursday evening, after which he did answer the phone. The police believe it is likely that Aarti may have sent Charu to the flat to find out about Sonejee ’s whereabouts.

Sonejee was based in Dubai for the last 15 years and lived with his parents, wife and his 10-year-old son.

Excerpts from suicide note

“This is to declare that I, Jayesh Narayandas Sonejee, am committing suicide only because of Miss Aarti Harinarayan Raj, who with the help of Mr Hitesh have cheated and betrayed me. This is to request the commissioner of police to please see to it that the two get prosecuted and charged…

Aarti is a bar dancer at Carnival dance bar. Inform my father that none of my in-laws should attend my funeral, except for my wife and my son…”

He had also clipped Aarti’s picture on the suicide note, which read, Aarti love of my life’.

Sonejee had also written down the contact numbers, addresses of Aarti, Bharti his father Narayandas and his other family members, so the police could contact them.

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