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Dilsher Gill and Joseph Randay were killed


Two NRI teens were murdered in gang-style


Abbotsford, BC, May 05, 2009
Lachman Singh

On Thursday, NRI Dilsher Gill, 17, and Joseph Randay, 18, were kidnapped at gun-point from a Bateman city park, in Abbotsford, B.C, 40 miles southeast of Vancouver by a car-borne assailant. On Friday, they were found slain in a car on Sumas Mountain. Both kids were grade 12 students at the local W.J. Mouat Secondary School.

Amarjit Randay, father of Joseph Randay told media that all we know is that they were kidnapped at gunpoint and now they have found their bodies. He said:

  • His son Joseph and Gill were hanging out with their school mates in the park when the assailant pulled up to them.
  • His son confronted the assailant when he tried to kidnap two other teenagers by pointing his gun at them.
  • Randay and Gill were the best of friends and had been since Grade two.They were best friends forever. They played hockey together.
  • His son was a “good boy” who had nothing to do with crime.

Amarjit further said, it is hurtful to have his son linked to known gangsters in media reports because of his connections with other teenagers on Facebook. It hurts when they make connections like that just because he had a picture on there. Every kid has 300 pictures on their Facebook

According to Vancouver paper, it has learned they had been selling marijuana and recently expanded their operation to include other drugs.

Cpl. Dale Carr, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said:

  • Investigators have learned that the victims did have a link to high-risk behaviour. Investigators are still in the process of determining just what the level of involvement the young men had.
  • Investigators would like to make it very clear that there are no signs of torture that occurred prior to the murder.
  • The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is still hoping more witnesses will come forward
  • We plea for anyone in the park between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.on Thursday, please contact police.

Abbotsford is home to one of the largest Punjabi communities in Canada and lies almost on the US border. It is also known as the theft capital of Canada because of its high property crime rate. In this city, marijuana is freely available and traded with cocaine in the US. Vancouver NRI kids have been involved into drug gangs over the years. Since 1990, more than 110 young kids have been killed in gang shootings and most of the cases were unsolved.

Mayor George Peary have confirmed that Bateman Park has been a trouble spot for drug trafficking.

It is also confirmed by local media that Mike Ahuja, listed in Facebook was a friend of Joseph Randay. Mike Ahuja's elder brother linked to the Red Scorpion gang. Last month, two young men linked to the Ahuja group were shot to death




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