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Satish Narayan died after his Genitals Set on Fire by his wife


Indian-origin woman sets fire to husband to 'purify penis'  

Sydney, Oct 7-- An Indian-origin woman in Australia set fire to her husband because she wanted to "purify his penis", a media report said Thursday.

Rajini Narayan, 46, has pleaded not guilty to killing 47-year-old Satish Narayan by pouring petrol on him and setting him on fire as he lay in bed at their Adelaide home in December 2008, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

She said she wanted to end an affair of her husband with another person and have him stay with her.

Giving evidence in the South Australian Supreme Court Thursday, she said that even though she suspected him of having an affair she still wanted him.

"He was my hero, the man of my life, the love of my life," she told the court.

"I was going to purify his penis, leave a mark there and he would remain with me. He would be mine."

But Narayan died in hospital several weeks later with burns to 75 percent of his body.

The accused said she had snapped, dousing her man's back with petrol when he called her a fat, dumb bitch.

She also told the court that she had been subjected to domestic violence for most of her 20-year marriage.

She said that sometimes it would occur once a week and at other times, twice a month.

"Sometimes it was just a slap, sometimes a slap and a punch and sometimes some kicking," Narayan said.

On one occasion in 1990, she went to see a doctor and contacted police after fearing she had suffered broken ribs.

But despite all the abuse, she said she desperately wanted her husband's love and felt his beatings were only to help her be a better person, to "idolise him".

The trial continues....Report by ians


Australian NRI engineer dies when his Genitals Set on Fire by his wife


Sydney, Jan 10, 2009
Sunil Agarwal

Satish Narayan, 47, an engineer died last week at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, 20 days after sustaining burns to most of his body. He suffered burns to 85 per cent of his body.

Prosecutors had alleged Satish was asleep when his "jealous wife" Rajini Narayan, 44, doused his genitals with methylated spirit and then set him on fire about 5.30am on December 7.

Satish jumped out of bed and knocked over the bottle of spirit, a blaze was sparked causing $1 million damage to their Cleland Ave townhouse. They had three kids and escaped unharmed from the burning house.

According to Crown, Lucy Boord- Rajini Narayan confessed to neighbours:

  • I doused his genitals with methylated spirit and then set him on fire upon learning he was having an affair.
  • My husband loves another woman, he hugs her
  • 'I'm a jealous wife, his penis should belong to me, I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else.
  • It's just his penis I wanted to burn, I didn't mean this to happen.

In December, she was charged with endangering life and arson offences over the incident but later on charges had been upgraded to murder.

On Jan. 09, the Magistrates released Rajini Narayan on strict home detention bail:

  • She have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet at all times.
  • Narayan submit herself to psychological counselling, treatment and monitoring as ordered by the Correctional Services Department.
  • Her mother and frirnd have been required to each give $5000 sureties to the court.