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Jasvinder Kaur Mann

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Jasvinder Kaur Mann

NRI Jasvinder Kaur Mann raised in Malaysia,
enters Mrs. India USA Pageant

She got master’s in social work and helping oppressed and victims of abuse

Los Angeles, Aug 16, 2022 A.Gary Singh

She Wrote:

My name is Jasvinder Kaur Mann and I am representing Mrs. India USA. I am a Sikh woman born and raised in Malaysia.  I am very proud to represent my heritage and my culture.  I came to the United State of America when I was 17 years old. I started High school in the USA and completed my master’s in social work. I graduated from California state university Long Beach with Honors. I have also published a book called “Impact of employment on marital satisfaction”. I want to start by introducing my journey as a new immigrant in the United States. I experienced bullying in high school.  During the 1980s, there was no awareness or prevention of bullying in high school. I was afraid to tell my parents for fear that they may not understand or support me. However, I did inform one of my teachers who simply replied “you have to learn to deal with it”. I kept my feelings to myself and as a result, I felt depressed and helpless.  I had no support system either at home or at school.

One of my teachers observed that I was quiet most of the time. She met with me after class to ask me if everything was okay. I told her how I felt. She recommended that I attend counseling in school. Due to my culture and upbringing, I did not feel comfortable sharing my feelings with others. The school counselor motivated me and encouraged me to speak up. I started verbalizing my feelings to my counselor. She provided advocacy and emotional support.

Because of years of being bullied. I dedicated my life to the victims of peer bullying in school. I know many of our Sikh young boys and girls face discrimination due to their religious preference. Many young boys and girls have approached me and are looking for support and advocacy.  I have obtained an Associated clinical social work license. With my academic skills and knowledge, I will be able to support our young Sikh boys and girls who are facing discrimination based on their faith.


After obtaining my title as Mrs. India USA, I will have a platform to advocate for my community. I feel it is my responsibility to speak up and stand up for our youth. I want to provide a safe place for our youth to discuss their feelings and be a voice for them. I have dedicated my life to helping those who are oppressed and victims of abuse. I want to utilize my knowledge and skills to empower others to accomplish their goals. I am looking for financial support from my community to accomplish my goal of becoming Mrs. India USA.  I will take my responsibility diligently and intend to do full justice through my representation as Mrs. USA.