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  • Feb. 07, 2019; Today, NRI Ketan Shah was arrested at the Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula, California. Shah is currently charged with one count of theft by conversion, but more charges are expected. He will be extradite from California to Gwinnett


NRI Ketan Shah scammed his friends & his mom Over $750,000  in Super Bowl ticket-scam
People gave him money but never received tickets to Sunday’s big game Super Bowl
Left his wife Bhavi Shah, son,12 and daughter Student of University of Georgia

Recently taken out a half-million dollar loan against the business without his wife’s knowledge

GWINNETT COUNTY, Georgia, Feb.01, 2019 A.Gary Singh

NRI Ketan Shah businessman of Lawrenceville, Georgia is being accused of scamming more than $1 million from a dozen people, friends and his own mother, according to the local WSB-TV Station. He had recently taken out a half-million dollar loan against the business without his wife’s knowledge. Ketan Shah owns a Digital Xpress printing business in Norcross.

Shah’s wife Bhavi Shah at Digital Xpress told Atlanta’s WSB-TV that she does not know where her husband is. She broke down in tears and said, “She hasn’t seen him since reporting him missing early this month.”

Bhavi Shah told authorities that her husband had recently taken out a half-million dollar loan against the business without his wife’s knowledge. She also told police she knew nothing of the alleged ticket scam.

  • Ketan Shah’s mother contacted police and said, “She’d lost $36,000 in the scam.”
  • Duluth man from Ohio also said they’d paid $20,000 and never received tickets in January as promised
  • Another businessman from Columbus, Georgia made payment $500,000 to Shah and said he was also promised tickets in January and a chance to host an arena Super Bowl event.
  • NRI victim, Neel Shah who is not related to Ketan Shah, told the fox news station that he was a friend. “I never got the tickets I wired him $20,000. It was $5,000 per ticket,” Neel said.

Interestingly, some people had signed a contract that if he didn’t give them the tickets, he would give them the face value of the tickets.

One of the victims said, “ No body believe that this person will leave his job, leave his wife, leave his 12-year-old son, his daughter  is studying who’s University of Georgia and just run away.”

Cpl. Wilbert Rundles, a Gwinnett County police spokesperson told media:

  • Over three quarters of a million dollars scammed out for Super Bowl-related stuff
  • It’s not that he posted some ad and random people are contacting this guy for tickets and being scammed but he’s known these people for many years. One of them, he’s known his whole life because it’s his own mother, and he’s taken advantage of them.

Most of the family members believe that Shah traveled to Las Vegas at some point, as part of a midlife crisis, but it’s unclear where he could be now.

After the game, Ketan Shah will faces numerous charges of theft by deception if the tickets are not delivered by Sunday.