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Jagmeet Singh from Pathankot : Untracable in Panama
Amid U.S. Bound Journey


Los Angeles, Jan 04, 2024 A.Gary Singh

Pathankot, Punjab: Jagmeet Singh,26, aspiring immigrant, finds himself trapped in a nightmarish scenario in the jungles of Panama, a far cry from the promised 'great American dream.' Sold on the prospect of a direct flight to the US for a hefty sum of Rs 45 lakh by Kahnuwan-based travel agents Parminder Singh and Balwinder Kaur, Jagmeet was instead forced to take the perilous 'Donkey route' through Panama.

Pathankot police have filed a criminal case against the unscrupulous travel agents, who assured Jagmeet's parents of a direct flight to the US but led him through treacherous mountains and swamps. The investigation, headed by SSP Daljinder Singh Dhillon, explores potential links to the intercepted Nicaragua-bound 'Donkey route' flight in France on December 26.

The FIR, filed under Sections 420 (cheating), 346 (wrongful confinement), and Section 24 of the Emigration Act, sheds light on the dangerous route chosen by the agents. Jagmeet last contacted his parents on December 19, revealing his location in the jungles of Panama.

“We are ascertaining whether the travel agent had links with the agents who planned the Nicaragua escapade. We are also scanning the digital footprints to pinpoint Jagmeet’s exact location,” said SSP Dhillon. Digital footprints are trails of data that people leave on computers behind as a result of online activity.

Jagmeet's father, Joginder Singh, shared that a Rs 45 lakh deal was struck, with Rs 15 lakh paid in advance. The family received assurance that Jagmeet had boarded a flight to Guyana, but later he revealed being coerced into flying to Panama from Delhi.

His Father said :-

  • On December 19, we received a call from our son in which he had sent his location, which showed it to be the jungles of Panama.
  • His voice was quivering and he was crying unabashedly.

The police learned that the agents had acquired new passports, using a Ghaziabad address. "In all probability, they have fled to some foreign country before the registration of the FIR," said the SSP."