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NRI Ravi Subramaniam sentenced to 7 months' jail for hurling vulgarities at police officer in Singapore

Los Angeles, May. 08, 2020 A.Gary Singh

NRI Ravi Sinathamby Subramaniam, 53, pleaded guilty to two harassment charges and one count of threatening to cause grievous hurt to the three public servants. Ravi Subramaniam had been in and out of jail for earlier offences, such as drug consumption and robbery.
In December, 2019, he was convicted in court for offences, including using abusive language against public servants and assault. He was then sentenced to 4 month in jail.
Hurled vulgarities at Sgt:

  • After release in April, Ravi was found drunk at a convenience store. When the police arrived, they saw the accused standing in the queue at the said store
  • He was holding an opened can of beer, reeking of alcohol, and complaining loudly about why the queue was not properly organized
  • When the police officers spoke to Ravi, he turned aggressive, spoke loudly to them and refused to cooperate.
  • Ravi then hurled vulgarities at Sgt Guo and was arrested that evening.

Failing to wear a Mask Charge: 

  • Five other charges, including one count of failing to wear a mask over his nose and mouth, were considered during sentencing.
  • He was wearing a mask, which covered only his chin, when two safe distancing enforcement officers spotted him.
    • When one of the police officer asked him to wear the mask over his nose and mouth…….. Ravi turned aggressive and abused her with vulgar language.
    • Ravi Subramaniam told the third officer: "The next time I see you, I will break your face."

The judge founded Ravi Subramaniam that he had given the threats in the two cases and gave Subramaniam a jail term three months.
Ravi Subramaniam could have been jailed for up to a year and fined up to $5,000.
Ravi, who was unrepresented, said: "I apologise to the court. I apologize to the civil servant and I apologise to the government for what I have done without my knowledge because I am drunk."