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Anjanee Kumar Batchali PASSED AWAY


Anjanee Kumar Batchali, H-1B visa died by heart failure,  Wife with 2-kids may Face Deportation

  • NRIs donated  $203,450 within 5 days, when wife Manogna Batchali requested on a GoFundMe campaign
  • Wife Manogna Batchali disabled new donations & PROMISED to help Father-in-Law in India

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, March 06, 2020 A.Gary Singh/

Anjanee Kumar Batchali, 38 years old passed away from sudden heart failure on Feb 29, 2020 in Chester Springs, PA. He collapsed the night before and I took him to the hospital immediately. After 3 hours of trying, doctors declared he could not be revived.
Anjanee Kumar Batchali and wife Manogna were living in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, with their two young children, aged 7 years and 18 months.
He was also a valuable employee in his company’s IT Department. He lived a vibrant, healthy, and impactful life.

Manogna Batchali said:

  • Anji was on an H1B Visa and was the sole financial supporter.
  •  I am on a dependent Visa, which is in danger of being revoked.
  • With Anji’s passing, we have no income and could use some support to help us get back on our feet.

On March 02, a GoFundMe campaign started for the family, donations will be used for medical bills, end of life expenses, and relocation costs.

  • I can never express enough gratitude to match your generosity. Your overwhelming compassion is helping me better cope with my grief. I am trying to thank you all individually, but I hope you understand that it will take some time before I am able to do it.
  • On a personal front, I am preparing for my next phase in life which is still largely unknown and uncertain. Dhrithi is slowly coming to terms with what happened to her dad. Daivansh (18 months) is back to living his blissful life.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

On March 4, $203,450  were raised & Manogna Batchali has currently disabled new donations to this fundraiser.---on March 04, 2020.

Manogna Batchali wrote:

  • I am overwhelmed by your kind words and support.
  • I decided to stop the campaign today and follow next steps .
  • After taxes, bills and other expenses, part of whatever left will be saved for the education of Dhrithi and Daivansh.
  • Even though they will never have the benefit of care and advice of their father, I know Anji always insists on good education for our kids. Considering the sky rocketing costs of education, I am hoping these funds will help them get started to some extent when they need the most.

Remaining funds will be used to help Anji’s father (my father in law) who depended on my husband for financial support. He lives by himself alone in Bangalore and has medical conditions that need continuous care. It’s my responsibility to be his Son now on and provide assistance as much as I can.
As far as me personally, I will find a job that suits my education and experience, run the family and try my best to fulfill my husband's dream of his and the family.
Thank you one and all again from the bottom of my heart….Manu