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Dr. Prem Joshi


Human Errors Main Reasons for Spreading of  Coronavirus  Rather than Seasonality Factors

Los Angeles, April. 13, 2021 Prem Joshi / Ramesh/ A.Gary Singh

Researchers have advocated various theories on the diffusion of coronavirus disease worldwide. For example, in an article published in BBC, it is  pointed out  that there is some evidence that coronavirus cases have particularly clustered around cooler and drier regions. In the same article, it was reported that one paper looked at 100 Chinese cities with more than 40 cases of Covid-19 and inferred that the higher the temperature and humidity, the lower is the rate of transmission of coronavirus. Kawther Aabed, and Maha Lashin, M.A.,  (2021) study report that COVID-19 growth rates peaked in temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere during the outbreak period, but it remained lower in tropical zones. Another study claims that Covid-19 may be seasonal like flu, a global analysis of the pandemic by the University of Illinois, Chicago (Mint, 28 Jan 2021). Yet another study by  Merow, C.,  and  Urban, Mark.C.,  (2020) developed statistical models that predict the maximum potential of COVID-19 worldwide and throughout the year. They predict that COVID-19 will decrease temporarily during summer, rebound by autumn, and peak next winter.

The above theories may be not supported from the  current scenario as there is second wave of coronavirus spread  in India. Out of total cases reported so far in last  45 day,  about 65% of new cases are alone from Maharashtra state in India. Daily, more than 25,000 new cases are being reported alone from  Maharashtra state. Maharashtra is one of the  warmest and humid region in India with an average daily high temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. These days its hot temperature in Maharashtra. Though it is spring, why coronavirus cases again increasing in March-April, similar to 2020? 

In a  recent report by Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) stated that during January -February, 2021, about 90% of cases were from people residing in high rise buildings and only 10% cases were from those who are living in slum areas. If you are living in high rise buildings, you should be more careful and alert from coronavirus.  Perhaps one of the reasons for this  may be that people residing in high rise buildings use lift and many people use lift together without wearing mask and keeping social distancing. Additionally, it may also be possible that  people from high buildings may show less civic sense and may take things for granted. People may host parties without keeping social distancing. The space available in high rise buildings is very limited compare to people living on the ground floor where more open space is generally available. In high rise buildings, people come in touch with each other frequently without wearing mask.

We also observe that generally, young people do not listen and they move around without wearing masks and keeping social distancing. The selfie culture among them may be another reason for spreading of coronavirus cases.
From the  above  description, with my common sense, I may argue that coronavirus disease may thrive more on human errors than seasonal factors. Small mistakes by us, can have outsize consequences.

Therefore, to protect our self from this disease, we MUST wear mask, keep social distancing and  frequently and thoroughly we should clean our hand with an alcohol-based hand rub or clean them with soap and water. Avoid moving in crowded places and if available to us, we should go for vaccination. These are the best methods suggested by most experts. I have read so far.