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Dr Deepinder Singh, chief guest at the Lions Club, California


Los Angeles, May 02, 2011
Dilip Butani

Dr Deepinder Singh was the chief guest at the Lions Club meeting held at The Tandoor Restaurant.

The meeting was called to order by Lions Club President Dilip Butani followed pledge of allegiance by Amrit Bhandari. Lion Butani then welcomed everyone and spoke about the various Lions projects. Next, Ramesh Ramnani introduced the chief guest.

Dr Deepinder Singh in his speech spoke about the homeopathic remedies. He said that as these remedies are prepared and administered in homeopathic potency, they do not have medical side effects. He further said that homeopathic remedies are safe even for newborn children, chemically sensitive, and pregnant women. They do not interfere with any medical treatment you may need. For this reason they are referred to as "remedies" to distinguish them from conventional drugs. Remedies do not cover up diseases, they stimulate the body’s own reactions to overcome illness. Hence, no warnings or cautions are required with on homeopathic remedies.

He further said that, chronic diseases, which at the best can only be palliated by conventional medicines, could be effectively dealt with homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment is not directed at the disease but designed to help one’s particular individual needs. The goal of classical homeopathy is much more than just eliminating symptoms. It is also attaining well-being, according to homeopathic definition of health on the emotional and mental level.

Also, on that occasion Swarnim Gujarat Kalash, brought by Prof Keshavlal patel was honored. He read out the special message sent by the Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Mody. The talk was followed by a wonderful music session by various singers. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by P.K.Nayak and announcements for future meetings by Ajay Khetani.





Dilip Butani