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Dr. Bains bags Community Mentor Award 2006
for Excellence in Volunteer Service

Vancouver, June 19, 2006

NRI, educator and community activist Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains winner of dozens of local, national and international awards like Order of British Columbia, Good Citizen of Surrey, Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee Medal, Sikh Scholar of Computer Age, and Order of Khalsa added one more plume to his crown when he was honored in his home city during an Awards ceremony held by the Leader Group of Newspapers for his volunteer contributions to the multicultural fabric of Canada. The annual awards ceremony was organized to thank the most valuable volunteers who made sustained commitment to volunteer their service for others. The innovative forums and seminars organized by Dr. Bains on the importance of creating awareness in the field of drugs and violence among multicultural fabric of Canada are worth appreciation, recognition and honorable mention.

Dr. Bains displayed extraordinary talents as an organizer, innovator, social activist and community educator for strengthening the city of Surrey in a variety of exceptional ways. He made outstanding contributions to the society by using ground breaking technologies and equipments available in the world. He is a man with depth, diverse and rich experience of working on numerous advisory committees in British Columbia. He imbued the community with a strong set of cultural and humanitarian causes, values, demonstrating a deep sense of commitment and responsibility. In addition, he has lent his time and talents to a number of non profit organizations in fund raising for welfare of human beings.

He has presented at seminars and conferences world-wide on the subjects of drugs, AIDS awareness, environmental issues and world peace. He is a source of pride and inspiration to many in the community as he made a significant difference in the lives of his fellow citizens.

He is extremely concerned about the increasing generational gaps and is dedicated to mentoring the new arrivals in Canada, young generation and their parents. Impact of his various contributions serves as a powerful role modeling for others to follow. He worked hard in different fields of information technology to ease human sufferings on a global scale. Attitude of his personal touch and contact has made a profound difference to the quality of life of living Canadians and hopefully for their generations to come.

Dr. Bains is a optimistic visionary and leads by example. He uses interactive tools in his addresses and seminars to provide guidance and confidence to vulnerable members of the society. From his deep-seated commitment, enthusiasm and expertise in the field of selfless service, he has benefited young people of all ages and thoughts. He is crusader against social evils. You buzz him and he is there. He is a long time member of Surrey-Delta Seniors Society of British Columbia.

He produced the first of its kind Encyclopaedia of Sikhism on multimedia technology which is a great source of information to worldwide diverse society. He is Producer-Director of Multimedia Sikh Museum set up in India where he used the robotic and multimedia touch screen technology. The museum is an interactive and friendly tool in the world of modern information technology. He has conferred the greatest benefit on mankind by using the tools of the newest technology in a friendly way.

He has authored many books which help people to gain a better understanding of the Sikh Diaspora. He moves around in dozens of countries to bridge gaps between various cultures, faiths and races for harmonious living. During summer, he remains busy in addressing youth camps. He is often seen distributing fliers and brochures on evils of drugs, gangs, bullying and other crimes in the community gatherings, seminars and workshops.

At belated age of seventy plus, he is still displaying his abilities as an innovating trend setter with passion, flair and full zeal. He is a great role model and mentor to young and old alike, and has made an exemplary contribution to wellbeing of global humanity.

He started his long journey in the field of volunteerism when he was a boy of ten years in India and started cleaning village streets forming a group of his peers. Six decades later he is still cleaning up. Now he is not cleaning village streets of litter but working to reduce evils of drugs, violence, crime, prostitution and AIDS beyond the borders of his village in the global society. He tries to touch every day and everywhere lives of youth and seniors.

In spite of his name, fame and prominence in the world, Dr. Bains is very natural, untiring and unassuming. He spent lot of time in exploring and making in depth study on AIDS in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. These days, he spends most of his time championing human rights, building multicultural bridges and helping others to understanding inter-faith philosophy and harmonious living.

He moves around world to address youth camps and other gatherings spreading the core values of fast changing life. He believes in giving back to the society rather than receiving more from it. Through his volunteer work on the burning issues, he serves as a model of civic responsibility which has a significant impact on public life.

When asked how he feels being honored in his home city, Dr. Bains said amusingly, "Although I am not doing community service for any personal glory, heralds, awards or honours but still you feel grateful when you are noticed by your own city people who recognize you with heartfelt love and respect. Doing community service in one capacity or another is in my bones. It is purpose of my life to help those who need help".

Dr. Bains's legacy of selfless service, compassion, honour, dignity and goodwill will serve as a beacon of inspiration for all who aspire to follow the path of commitment and dedication in the service of others beyond self.