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Blot of scams proving embarrassing for Raninder

Chandigarh, May 3

Congress’s Candidate Raninder fighting the debut battle for Lok Sabha is feeling incapacitated due to various ongoing vigilance cases against him in multi million dollar scams. On the other hand, he is facing difficulty in opposing Kaur Badal, a clear and social face who made niche for herself in her fight against social evils like female foeticide and protecting the environment, being patron of ‘Nannhi Chhaan’ campaign. Feeling difficulty in opposing her Raninder is trying to distract people by talking about performance of Punjab government.

Struck neck deep in on going cases of various scams revealed by national media are proving fatal for first time politician. Where national English daily paper Hindustan Times exposed the Intranet and Hawala Scam in 2003, cases like Ludhiana City Centre (LCC), Disproportionate Assets Case and Teg’s Masrado case were widely reported in media. As per the challan filed in LCC case, Capt. Amrinder Singh and his son received bribe of worth Rs. 21.62 Crores and they invested the same with one chetan Gupta of Delhi. Star News flashed Chetan Gupta himself explaining the entire modus operandi of Raninder Singh in detail. The records that put Raninder in tight pot are none but public records like his Income Tax Return, Revenue Record regarding purchase of property and Ludhiana City Centre challan.

Raninder is finding himself hard to explain people of Bathinda constituency that from which source of income he had purchased property worth Rs. 2 Crores in village Main in the name of his defunct company Teg’s Masrado and property worth of Rs. 2.5 Crores in the names of his family members, as Teg’s Masrado was a company which never paid a single penny income tax because it was always in losses. Perhaps Raninder laundered Rs. 3.31 Crores of ill-gotten money through paper companies based in Kolkata, showing it as ‘Share Application Money’ for his so called Teg’s Masrado Company. Reality of this episode was that One Director in two of these companies which routed this money sells cloths on a footpath in Kolkata.

Teg’s Masrado, the tax evasion device of Capt. Amrinder Singh and his family is also in controversy. The balance sheet of company showed agricultural income of about Rs. 9.20 Lacs in year 2005-06 and 2006-07, income from sale of mushrooms amounting to Rs. 13.30 Lacs in the year 2003-07. whereas during this period the company did not carry out any agricultural activity or business of canning and sale of mushrooms. The company made a shooting range on part of the land purchased for Rs. 1.95 Crores in village Main in the years 2004-05 and 2005-06. This was a non profit making activity, which was not in conformity with the objectives for which company was registered. The company which was created just to convert black money to white for meeting leisure activities of Maharaja and family also advanced about Rs. 2.80 Crores to Capt. Amrinder Singh during the years 2002-07. In addition the balance sheets of the company show the expenses of about Rs. 22.78 Lacs for purchase of Cars and about Rs. 22.73 Lacs for ‘Travels’.

The electorate of Bathinda are wary of the fact that if first time politician can be so daring in exploring new avenues of making easy money, how he would find time for nurturing his constituency. The dubious performance of his father as Talwandi Sabo MLA is making voters jittery to vote for him.


Chandigarh, May 2:

Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today sought personal intervention of the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to take up the issue with Pakistan to ensure security of the life and property of the Sikhs settled in Aurakzai tribal region of Pakistan following reports of demolition of their homes by the Talibans.
In a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr. Badal said that he was pained to see the reports about Sikhs families in Pakistan being driven out of their homes and being subject to Jiziya (Tax on Non-Muslims). He said the Government of India should immediately use diplomatic channels to save the Sikhs from the atrocities of Talibans and demanded proper security of this minority community who had been living in various parts of Pakistan over past many years.
Meanwhile Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal also lashed out at the Government of India for its totally insensitive attitude towards the painful travails of the Sikhs at the hands of the Talibans in Pakistan. He said that it was amazing that the Government was justifiably concerned about the Sri Lankan Tamil but did not care about the Sikh agony.


• Amrinder worst role model, publicly and politically, for people and family

Chandigarh, May 2

Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP candidate from Bathinda Lok Sabha constituency, today took on UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi head-on, accusing her of backstabbing the women class of India, by deliberately not getting ‘33 Percent Reservation for Women Bill’ passed in the Parliament.
In a statement issued here today, Mrs. Badal said that it was a matter of great surprise that Ms. Gandhi with sweeping powers in UPA, could not get this Act implemented during 5 year long tenure and the Congress party on her directions kept on deliberately delaying this bill on one pretext or other.
Accusing Sonia of just doing lip service for the empowerment of women, Mrs. Badal said that ‘action speak louder than your promises’ and regretted that being a woman herself failed to realize the aspirations and dreams of women that constitutes over 50 percent population of India. She regretted that even in distribution of tickets the percentage of criminals was much more than percentage of women in the list of Congress party, speaking explicitly about the priorities of Congress party.
Speaking about the so called Domestic Violence Act being touted by Congress party as major initiative of women welfare, Mrs. Badal said that this Act, which was passed at the instance of foreign funded rootless NGOs, has created more problems for the women rather than solving it, as people behind this act were detached from genesis of this problem. She said that the Union Women Welfare Minister has done nothing, except raising the issues of elite in the metros, just to ensure her footage in the news channels. She said that concerned Women Welfare Minister, the high profile socialite, was totally cut off from the ground realities of people living in ‘Bharat’.
Mrs. Badal said that she took the initiative of Nannhi Chhaan and religious-cum- ecological initiative, to bring attitudinal change against girl child, as Union government failed to tackle the menace of female foiticide. She said that instead of recognizing the change brought in the society by this initiative, Congress people including Amrinder were mocking this selfless initiative.
She said that she does not want to join issue with Amrinder and his clan, as people of Punjab were well aware about the ‘respect’ given by Amrinder to his wife and ‘others’. She said that as a Chief Minister Amrinder failed to present himself as a role modal for the young generation as his ‘pleasure excursions’ were much in news rather than any development initiative taken by him. She said that Amrinder was living in fool’s paradise, following the footsteps of his grandfather, in creating dubious records. She said that she was pained by the fact that Sonia, being herself a woman, was silent spectators to the ‘pleasure excursions’ of Amrinder and forgetting the fact that her calculated silence was making Amrinder more daring to 'explore new avenues'.
Dwelling on her agenda of empowerment of women and recognition of women as an important component of male oriented society, Mrs. Harsimrat Badal said that she would continue to work for women despite opposition by Amrinder as she believes that nobody can deter her on moving a righteous path.

All the five pay commissions were constituted/ implemented by SAD Govt which is pro-people and pro-employees-Sukhbir

Chandigarh, May 1:
Setting aside all apprehensions and speculations on the implementation of 5th th pay panel the recommendations, Punjab Deputy Chief Minister S.Sukhbir Singh Badal said here on Thursday that the cabinet has already decided to implement it in its entirety. Also, he assured the employees that any recommendation detrimental to the employees' interests would automatically be dropped in consultation with the employees' organisations.

Meanwhile, Badal urged the employees not to be misled by poll eve propaganda of the Congress which hitherto has remained anti-employees ,especially during the tenure of former Chief Minister S.Amarinder Singh who freezed the recruitment which not only increased the work load on an average employee but the government work too suffered immensely.

Reminding the employees that invariably it was the Akali government that implemented the recommendations of all the pay panels and that too to the satisfaction of the employees, Badal said the present government would implement it too. On the other hand, the Congress has only played with employees sentiments and exploited them for their petty electoral
gains and offered them lip sympathy and too only occasionally.

The first pay panel was set up by the first non-Congress government led by Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) under the chief ministership of late Gurnam Singh in 1967 and its recommendations too were implemented by the Akali
government a year later.

Second pay commission too was set up under Parkash Singh Badal's second term in 1977 and its recommendations were notified nearly two yeas later in 1979, again under his government. The third pay panel was constituted by SAD government led by Surjit Singh barnbala in 1986 but subsequently, his government was dismissed by the Centre and president rule was imposed.

However, the 4th pay panel report was submitted only five months after the SAD-BJP government came to power in February 1997 and it was implemented within six months after processing it in January next year. Now, the story of the 5th pay panel is known to everybody, It was set up the Congress towards its fag end on December 19, 2006 , just few days
before the implementation of the code of conduct by Amarinder Singh moribund government leaving the task of its implementation to successor SAD-BJP government

And despite the Election Commission of India had denied pay panel to submit tis report when the code of conduct was in operation , SAD_BJP government l pressed for it, even at the risk of annoying ECI and all this to just to ensure that the employees get their due at earliest.


Chandigarh, May 1
Youth Akali Dal Patron and former Public Relations Minister Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia today said that the YAD would soon move to the Court requesting it to order immediate seizure of passport of Raninder and Amarinder as it was feared that they would flee the country immediately after elections, fearing drubbing in elections and conviction in multimillion dollar Intranet Hawala scam.
In a statement issued here today, Mr. Majithia said that Maharaja family was engaged in money laundering operations and One member D.S. Nehra Commission set up by Amarinder was just an eyewash. He said that taking a cue from Gandhi family, of giving clean chit to Otavio Quattorochi, main accused of Bofors scam, Amarinder and Raninder have already booked their ticket for May 13 night flights for Dubai and Switzerland respectively, as they want to withdraw ill gotten money deposited in Swiss Banks before NDA assumes power in Centre. He said that fearing that Mr. L.K. Advani was determined to bring back 70 lac crore deposited by Congress leaders including Gandhi family and Maharaja family, the father son duo were looking for new tax havens to park their money.
Expressing determination of YAD to recover every single penny looted by Amarinder in Ludhiana City scam, Amritsar Improvement Trust and Intranet scam beside loads of money collected from colonizers by arm twisting and deposit that money in the Treasury of Punjab government, Mr. Majithia sad that recovered booty would be used for the development of the State.
Promising to get Intranet scam proved by Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, after May 16 when NDA would assume power in Centre, Mr. Majithia said that Amarinder should remain ready to face music for all his misdeeds done of his five years misrule.