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2005 Spirit & Place Festival
November 15, 2005


Lord, we cannot possibly fathom the depth of anguish and sorrow of the victims and survivors over the loss of lives and the unimagined devastation and disruption caused by the cataclysmic Asian Tsunami, the powerful Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast, and the recent South Asian Earthquake in the Indian Subcontinent,

Lord, we pray for Your guidance to bless us a spirit of understanding, express our heartfelt concern and extend our generous support, and pave a pathway of prayer that stretches from our safe sanctuaries of warmth and abundance to their world of emptiness, uncertainty, and basic survival.

In reaching with our hearts and spirit, may we, in Your Name, O Lord, rekindle hope and reassurance to all those whose lives have been, and are being tried by unconscionable conflicts, natural disasters, and deprivations of the essentials for life and human dignity

That they are not alone, nor forgotten
That in spirit, we are beside them.
We know their struggle, and their winter,
We are with them in solidarity, and in friendship.
We are hoping, praying, and petitioning to the Lord
That beyond the unimagined nightmare,
Shaken faith and darkness of the moment,
That there may be Light, a new dawn, hopeful tomorrows
Waiting for each one of us,
Reminding us to share our time and gifts
To honor Life in all its colorful splendor and challenges,
Nurture and extend its beautiful promise.

May each of us be led forward and embrace:

Our diverse family of faiths and cultures
As an act of our shared humanity,
Live our faith in service and uplifting of others,
Be humble instruments of peace that we all cherish,
As our offering to the One Universal Father and Mother of all Creation.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA



November 15, 2005
Carmelite Monastery, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

To arrive at the peace and unity we seek, we must join hands, hearts, and witness and celebrate each faith as a part of God's ever-expanding, all-embracing "Circle of Light:"

Together explore our shared sacred space where there are no strangers; no prejudice or intolerance of our distinct faiths, cultures, ethnicity, or heritage;


In God's Kingdom, there is none.

SIKH HYMN: Chatur Disha Kino Balu Apna Sir Upari Karu Dhariyo

"The Lord has manifested His Might in all four directions,
He has placed His Hand over our head.
Beholding me with His glance of Mercy and Grace
The Lord has dispelled the suffering of His servant.

The Divine Guru, the Lord of the Universe, always saves His servants.

Clasping them in His close and loving embrace
The Compassionate and Forgiving Lord has erased all their sins. (Pause)

Whatever blessings I ask from my Lord and Master, He grants unto His servant.

Whatever Nanak, the Lord's servant, utters
Is fulfilled and blessed in this world and in the next."


Guru Granth Sahib (sacred Sikh scriptures)
Contribution: Guru Arjan Dev - Fifth Sikh Guru
Musical Pattern : Raag Dhansari
Page : 681-682


Event Report

The Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis participated along with members of
Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Hindu, Moselm, Bahai, Jain and Buddhist (Taiwanese)
faiths in the 23rd Annual Peace-Prayer Service and 14th Annual Interfaith Service at The Carmelite Monastery, Indianapolis, Indiana. The message of unity and peace and dignity of each faith reverbrated throughout the evening.

Marian College Chamber singers sung beautiful renditions of "The Peace
of the Earth" and Sandy Adland of The Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation
presented a moving rendition of "How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down."

Giani Pritam Singh and members of the Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis
offered the Sikh Hymn " Chatur Disha Kino Balu Apna..." (attached) and KP Singh offered a special prayer for the victims of recent disasters (attached). This year,The Interfaith Peace-Prayer Service coincided with the sacred Gurupurab (birthday) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh faith, who stood for dignity and equality of all people and the sanctity of all faiths and spiritual traditions. Throughout the evening, there was a spirit of great respect and understanding among the presenters and participants.

For further information, contact KP Singh, Maninder Walia


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