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Our ethnic and spiritual diversity and multiculturalism is an emerging and expanding reality. It is an important foundation of our present lives and daily experience. This converging frontier offers incredible opportunities at many levels. To understand the full potential and far-reaching impact of this multi-dimensional transition around us, we must engage in study and programs that highlight its relevance to future generations.

Each March, the Asian Club at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School organizes a Festival that recognizes and celebrates the "Asia in us," tapping into local resources, communities and cultures in Indiana through fabulous entertainment, displays, and delicious international fare. The Festival on Wednesday showcased another hands-on classroom of colorful cultural immersion, attractions, and contagious youthful energy with the Japanese Minyo Dancers, and Chinese, Filipino, Polynesian, and Punjabi Bhangra Dances and raised funds for a minority scholarship.

The Asian Festival at Brebeuf and countless other unheralded events in Indiana provide opportunities to experience and enhance responsible international citizenship. As imaginative teaching forums with lasting lessons in relating to other people, dispelling stereotyped ignorance and forging life-long friendships and pride in other traditions, they prepare young minds to transform our common global village into a place of promise for all.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA






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