Saira Mohan is one of the top models in the world today

NRI, Punjabi girl beauty on top of the world

Newsweek magazine recently called the 25-year-old the "new global standard of beauty. Her dusky looks and svelte figure have launched countless products, and she is on the cover of almost every posh fashion magazine. She has modeled for brands like Versace, Wonderbra, L'Oreal, Victoria's Secrets, Marks and Spencer and Mercedes

Ms Mohan, whose father is Punjabi and mother Irish-French, was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. Her career kicked off famously at the age of 13 when she was "discovered" at an Elite modeling contest in Los Angeles.

She's one of those beautiful women who can easily be Italian, Britain or Spanish. And she can very well be an Indian in a sari. I feel like an Indian goddess when I am wearing a sari.

I capitalize on all angles. I am what I am, and if they want to pay me for being Punjabi - great. Similarly, if they want to pay me for looking Spanish or Italian - which they've done - wonderful."

But like a spokeswoman for the London-based Models 1 agency commented, "A beautiful girl is a beautiful girl, no matter what the combination."

Saira says she loves India, which she has visited several times. "I got married in India - it's my favorite country. I really find such a peace in India - I have this slogan - 'go to India and meet yourself'." Her youthful philosophy seems to hark back to the 1960s generation. "I think that coming from America which is all about material possessions and no spirituality - when you go to India, you are faced with the virtue of India - all these people living even in ditches - Americans can learn about how balanced they are.


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