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A commentary on NKP Int’l’s recent film and the Director of “The Fall and Rise of Uri”
by K.P. Singh


I have seen the last four short documentaries: "Baba 5465", "Fall and Rise of Uri", "Soul", and "God" produced by Navraaz Kaur Productions, Inc. with a critical eye of an artist and one concerned with matters of faith and human suffering anywhere.

I am encouraged and deeply moved to know and see in Navraaz a powerful emerging voice, much like Amrita Pritam, the venerated nightingale of India and a gifted poet with a deep and senitive soul, for the plight of the weak, dispossessed, disadvantaged, forgotten, ignored, and those suffering incredible hardships caused by man or nature. I see in Navraaz, the work of humanitarian and saint Bhagat Puran Singh being taken to other dimensions and placing before us other areas of human suffering.

We see a social conscience; a gentle spokesperson through her media for the plight of those who need a voice and a reminder to jolt us out of our indifference to others on our life-journey. She tells a story and brings it home for us to ponder. In Navraaz's creative work: words, music, song, visual images, a deep sense of human moral responsibility and accountability is evident.
We admire her raising the social problems in the Indian continent as courageous and timely and that has a resonance of similar problems everywhere. In the pursuit of her stories, she is travelling far and sacrificing much to give us a sense of how deeply she feels for others. Her production company, Navraz Kaur Production Inc, may be young but it is already producing quality documentary films and having impact on select audiences in India, U.S.A., and other places.

Navraaz is making us all aware that in this time of such abundance and promise, collosal waste and unreasonable selfishness on the part of few at the expense of so many deserves a call to immediate attention and actions.
We must end the incredible suffering of our fellow human beings. Navraaz through her films, which she not only directs and produces, but often writes and plays many diverse roles as a narrrator, singer, musician, and educator, seems to do that without preaching, with great sensitivity and respect for her subject and the social issue that she is trying to tackle. She places a human face or condition before us which is hard to ignore or dismiss. She makes us see a slice of human suffering and triumphs as about us and deserving our concern and humanity. Her pursuit echoes a seasoned soul, her work a window to our humanity.

Then, I am not surprised. she is the talented daughter of Thakar Singh Basati, a community pillar in the Chicagoland, a sevak of the Sutguru, a leader with a vision and sight towards the future of the next generation. The spirit of Navraaz is guided by the Light of her Sikh faith, the spirit of the soil of the Punjab, the "Cultural and Spiritual Crossroads of India," and by her upbringing in the United States.

I can imagine her going far with her creative media and because of the rich composite of her personal, cultural and spiritual make-up tempered by her family and faith, and her sense of humanity. Navraaz is another promising pioneer among the daring trailblazers at what I call the "Global Holla Mohalla" and competing and excelling in the new unimagined creative endeavors in arts, science, space explorations, and innovations that are right for our times, our generations.

I join her many admirers in wishing her great success and look forward to her getting the major national and international breakthroughs that her work deserves. I am certain that it will happen in time. We will be following and celebrating her achievements in the years ahead. We thank her for spotlighting an extraordinary cause that touches all humanity in many distinct and profound ways. With her multi-faced gifts and multi-textured cultural and spiritual foundation, we may seeing the ememrgence of a star within and outside her chosen profession.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
July 31, 2006

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