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Ms. Bani Mukherjee

Starting Oct. 15, 2019, your designation will be as Vice President of News Media in Buena Park area
REVENUE: 33% Press, 33% IT Services & 33%NRIpress.Inc. Services and Expanding

Los Angeles, Oct. 14, 2019

As per your conversation with our California  Representative, your email communications and sponsor membership application, we are pleased  to announce  that your name have been added to our new management team of ten entrepreneurs who have to run this operation of www. as news media in California area.

Starting Oct. 15, 2019, your designation will be as Vice President of News Media in Buena Park area. This will include:

  • News, Video and press releases by covering the NRI events in surrounding areas.

  • activities include: To help Needy NRIs, to promote NRI Businesses, Encourage NRI Youths, Organize Annual Functions and seminars to honor the best and the brightest of our NRIs and help to set up NRIpress-Club in major cities of the world

  • Ms. Bani Mukherjee shall coordinate with administration of NRIpress-club for updated material to supply as press release in this area

  • Ms. Bani Mukherjee will also attend the meetings of NRIpress-club for further development and press coverage

  • She shall also coordinate with our  worldwide operation  to update news/videos and photography

  • All data of news/Video/photos  and other related software and products  shall be the  property of

  • Press release must be done within 24-48 hours:  This is general practice in news media and all the team members are anxious to make a press release ASAP. In 2020, we expect, as soon as event finished, within hours photo or video shall be posted through email or other directions.


Revenue from NRI Business Directory with exclusive Membership:
    Such as 25 Websites from NRIaccountant… …..NRIdoctors  
2 Revenue from Sponsor News to become Members    
    Bronze Members- General NRIs  
    Silver Members: Associations:
  • $250/year: Web Page, 2-3 photos with Aricle
  • $450/year: Web Page, 10-15 Photos and Aricles
    Gold Members: All Businesses  

Sponsors of News  and Club Members

--- Diamond/Platinum
3 Revenue from Web sites Development: Already set up. No advance $ to India  
4 Selling Rights in North America, Euriop, Asia @India    
5 Finder’s fees:  You will get  20% cash of total investment as finder fees or subject to mutual further agreement  
6 25%  discount to you if you like to involve in rights/franchise for  your city  or even other City/State or Country you bid.    
7 REVENUE MODEL in California Only:

    2019-2020 Model -----33%
  • If any reason, services were not performed (photos,video or press release) in time, Inc.’ management have the rights to provide the contract to the third party.