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World Malayali Council (WMC), Washington DC Province
Celebrates Rhythm 2024: A Vibrant Tribute to India Cultural Heritage

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Los Angeles/May 14, 2024 Singh/

The World Malayali Council (WMC), Washington DC Province, proudly hosted "Rhythm 2024," a captivating music and dance festival held on May 4th, 2024, at the Cabin John Middle School Auditorium in Maryland. This event, a celebration of India's rich cultural tapestry, showcased the diverse rhythms and melodies from Kerala and various other regions of India, captivating an audience of over 200 enthusiastic attendees, predominantly from the Indian Diaspora residing in the greater Washington DC area, including Maryland and Virginia. Emcees for the event were Mrs. Saroopa Anil, Ambika Kumar and Arya Jithin

The evening commenced with a warm welcome speech from Mr. Deleep Kumar, Entertainment Chair, followed by Mr. Mohan Kumar, President of WMC, Washington DC Province, who underscored the significance of global community associations like WMC in fostering connectivity and inclusivity across geographical, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries. Mr. Kumar emphasized the pivotal role of such organizations in addressing global challenges and fostering opportunities for collective prosperity and well-being.

Mrs. Saroopa Anil, one of the emcees, highlighted the profound cultural heritage of Kerala and the invaluable contributions of the NRI community in preserving and promoting its rich traditions.
The ceremonial lighting of the lamp by esteemed Chief Guest, Mrs. Thangamani Aravindan, Global WMC VP(AR) Guest of Honor Mr. Jinesh Thampi, President of WMC (America Region), symbolized the inauguration of the event, joined by Mohankumar, Dr.Deleep Kumar, Dr.Narayanan Valappil, and Dr. Jayakumar Nair, members of the WMC joint committee.

The program featured a mesmerizing array of performances, including classical dances such as Thiruvathira and Bharatanatyam, presented by talented artists, as well as Bollywood-inspired dances that enthralled the audience. Noteworthy acts included the captivating Kavadi dance by senior citizens and dynamic performances by young aspiring dancers, showcasing the enduring appeal of Indian cultural traditions across generations.

Distinguished community leaders, including Sushma Praveen, President of KAGW, Mr. Shelly Prabhakaran, Vice President of KCSMW, and Dr. Kala Shahi, General Secretary of FOKANA, offered their insights and support during the event, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the Indian diaspora in Washington DC.
The evening culminated with a dazzling dance performance by Mrs. Bindu Rajive's team followed by a heartfelt vote of thanks from Dr. Jayakumar Nair, Secretary of WMC, and Washington DC Province. Attendees then enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and engaged in social networking, reflecting on the success of "Rhythm 2024" in fostering cultural exchange and community cohesion.

The success of "Rhythm 2024" would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of all Dancers and choreographers and support of individuals such as Dr. Narayanan Valappil, Malini Menon, Seetha Ellath Valappil, Arya, Moideen Kutty, Anil Thaivalapil, Sunil Thaivalapil, Rehmia, Dr. Madhu Nambiar,
Dhanjayan, Peet Thaivalapil, Visanth Divya, Anil Krishnankutty, Vijily, Saya, Sheeja, Raji, Kutty Menon, Shahi Prabhakaran, Ajayakumar Kesavan, Bini Ajayakumar, Ambika Kumar, Arya Jithin and many others, whose dedication and efforts were instrumental in making this event a resounding success.

For more information about the World Malayalee Council, Washington DC Province, please visit the official website: