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India Association of S. CAlifornia (IASC) Celebrated Diwali 2018
Founder of IASC kamini khare introduced Communiuty Leaders

Los Angeles, Nov. 25, 2018
kamini khare// A.Gary Singh

India Association of S. CAlifornia celebrated festival of Diwali on October 28 at Haweli Mandir with various festive theme. Hot tea with delicious hot snack at winter afternoon started social hour with full band live music by subhas Tolia. Program started with Hindu tradition by offering prayer to Lod Ganesh ji and Goddess Lakshimi along with Shri Ram and Sita with his best devote Shri Hanuman ji who is known helping us all the time. Puja was performed by Prakash Pancholi accompanied by all committee members and few guest.


The hall was filled by people of India who has come from surrounding cities of Irvine. Diya shrivastava prsented  bharat natyam dance in Veneration of God and Godess. Followed by love for krishna group dance by students of Sankra Dance School of Arti Manek. Well known classical music teacher from Pasadena Sabari Girish took the stage with His group. His bollywood song brought people on dance floor. Ace Montessori school presented two bollywood dances. MC of the program Dipal Makwana brought Indie Beatz music band of Dr. Raghavan on the stage brought people on dance floor. By this time every one was eager to see Ram Leela live play.


Dr Sharma came on stage and narrated story of Ramayan in English for young. audience to under stand the relevance of the Ramayan in modren time.Ramayan is story of lord Rama's life which was written 5000 BC that truth is still remain truth today.Teaching of Ramayan holds the truth in this age also.Right is Always right. That is the reason Ramayan has been narrated and read for centuries for inspiration and lession of Perfect living. By this time stage was set for first play Ram Vanwas with Palace scene in back ground. Kamini khare's writing very well presented one day scene of Ramayan katha where Rama was sent to exile in forest for fourteen years by his Step mother Keykai who wanted her son Bharat to be king of Ayodhya.Greed of power has created conflict at that era and still lust and greed leading the world to edge of war. Each dialog was powerful with depth of teaching of oceon.


Right after second play started tittle Sita Haran. That also has lot of mystic in the story  Like golden deer and putting fire wall to protect Sita around the hut. Shadhu's arrival and appearing of King Ravan who eventually abducted Sita and taken her in Pushpa viman to Shri Lanka. Audience wanted to see more that what happend next.
Especially young children wanted to see fight scenes between Ram and Ravan. Show was ended with Hiral Joshi students folk dances of Rajasthan.
Chair women of the Diwali Program Radhika patel and president Atul Makwana Introduced all the committee members for their dedication for community work to promote Indian culture for next generation.


Founder of IASC kamini khare introduced all the participants- Dashra,. Ranjit Vishwanath, Mantri  Ravi,  Vishwanath Keykai, Chitra Passi. Ram, Sushant. Gupta Laxaman,  Samir Desai Koushlya, Kamini khare Keykai'assistant,  Anjana patel Sita and koushalya 'assistant Dr. Indra Sharma and Lakshimi Shad. Sita  Played by up coming actor Remey Sadhu, Ravan played by Ranjit and ling Ravan played by Prakash Pancholi. Organizor thanks all the vendars who came to promote their bisiness and helped the community. Diwali celebration.


Gifts for all participants was sponsored by Council man of city of Cerritos Mr. Naresh Solanki.  As always patrons of IASC Avdhesh Agarwal, Dr. krishna Reddy, Mr. Shuresh Bhatti and Dipak Bhai gave their generous support for community celebration. All the committee member helped by sponsoring tickets. At the end kamini khare thanked every one for coming and participating in the program.Every one's vision and hard work makes every event of IASC unique with festive themes with new faces. Diwali dinner was sponsor by Darshan, Ashoka Restaurant.


It was truly community event, senior to junior North to south, east to west touch of Hindu religion,culture folk and classical dance with bollywood music icing on the cake best Diwali Show in S.California.





kamini khare