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Rajbir Singh Husson Founder / President introduced the mission of IASA











IASA (Indo American Social Association) organized a virtual session on Mental Health during COVID-19

Los Angeles, December 14, 2020

Rajbir Singh Husson, founder /president of IASA and Venkat Peddi, Secretary of IASA organized this event.

Sanmay Mukhopadhyay The first speaker was Sanmay Mukhopadhyay, B.Sc. (Physics); B. Tech (E.E); M. Tech (E.E.+ CS); MBA (Finance); PGDYT, (Yoga Therapy); M.Sc. (Yoga); Ayurvedic Counselor; Last rites Counselor. He emphasized on the importance of Yoga and its impact on disease management. He further mentioned about meditation techniques, counselling, Diet, exercises, breathing practices, relaxation techniques which is helpful in disease management.

The next speaker Raj Bhakta, who is a coach for spiritual health, mental immunity and life coach, Certified Professional Coach (iPEC). Raj emphasized on the impact of Covid on physical and mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, fear, financial loss, personal loss. We can overcome these issues by having strong mental immunity by practicing mediation, Yoga, continued exercising and physical movement, daily journaling, uplifting reading. He also mentioned quality sleep is important for good health and it starts with having a good evening routine which includes limiting screen time, including deep breathing, , daily reflection, faith based prayers etc.

Dr Sanjay Vaswani discussed the impact of covid on mental health, and the effect of overwhelming 2 nd wave. The Overwhelming Second Wave of Psychiatric Disorders Expected Due to Pandemic. People Suffering from Psychiatric Disorders may be more likely to die If Infected With COVID-19. Psychiatric disorders are related to grief from the loss of loved ones etc. Care for Mental health is affected during the pandemic and hence Rebuilding Clinical, Social and Community support is crucial for prevention of Mental Health Disorders. The Depression Rate in US Adults Tripled During Pandemic.

 Dr Annie spoke on Therapeutic Lifestyle Behaviors which includes Preventing Depression and Anxiety and Building Resilience. She emphasized the importance of self-study to engage to live a balanced and healthy life! She discussed about the therapeutic lifestyle change which includes physical activity and social engagement. She mentioned that exercise reduces depression and anxiety and equally important is changing out thoughts through awareness and smiling always helps. Annie kept her session very interactive by smiling, laughing and exercising with the audience during this session.

 During this session various resources for like suicide hotline (DIAL 988), National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Toll-Free: 1-800-273-TALK, National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4AChild (1-800- 422-4453) NAMI, CDC etc.

The moderator for this event was Aman Kamboj. IASA plans on a continuous discussion and more future sessions on mental health to help the community during this COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, this was a very successful, mindful, soulful, and insightful session on Mental Health touching the heart and soul of many who attended.

It provided a retreat from all the challenges our daily life throws at us and especially with this pandemic. IASA urges people in the community to join this renaissance movement of change and to build a better & stronger community by joining IASA. This was insightful discourse on Mental Health and a great mission by IASA for unity, help and solidarity in the community.