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The Indo American Social Association (IASA) Women Empowerment group organized a discourse on meditation and women empowerment
With Sister Denise from Brahma Kumaris Organization

Los Angeles, Nov 25, 2019 Mukherjee/Ramesh/Karen


The Indo American Social Association (IASA) Women Empowerment group organized a discourse on meditation and women empowerment with Sister Denise from Brahma Kumaris Organization on 17th November at Aroma Grill & Banquet, Upland, CA.

Rajbir Singh Husson, Founder / President of IASA and Sister Gita Patel planned and conceptualized this event. Suresh Nankani was the sponsor for this event. IASA provided donations for San Bernardino mission, Pratham and Hope In Life .

The women empowerment group, President, Rekha Tandon, Secretary Seema Sagar and Bani Mukherjee PR/Media did a great job. Bani Mukherjee was the emcee of the event.



President applauded the efforts of women empowerment team for making this event successful and also thanked Suresh Malkani. 

Sister Denise Lawrence, who was the chief speaker and guest, has a series on “Empowering Woman of the Future” on Youtube. She took us through a dynamic journey of empowering a more aware humanity and us not just as women, but as eternal beings. She started off by reminding us that each of us is responsible for empowering ourselves. She suggested that we think about what we are, who we are and what our value is, so that we can come into our power.  

She has a deep understanding of spiritual knowledge and practice from 40 years of studying and teaching “Raja Yoga” and emphasized the importance of Raja Yoga. She dedicated her life to spiritual practice, importance of karma. She emphasized the importance of Gita and that you are your own best friend or worst enemy.



Sister Denise highlighted that all of us have both aspects within ourselves, the masculine and feminine; that we are first beings of light and secondly whatever gender we are, i.e. our souls contain the capacity for both. She spoke about not only this polarity we have within ourselves, but also the many great polarities we are seeing in the world at this time. She said that perfection is when everything comes back into balance and this can happen when we operate from consciousness of the soul. Sister Denise finished by talking about how connecting our intellect with God, brings balance and power back to the self exponentially, strengthening us from the inside out.

Sister Gita Patel, the Brahma Kumaris Coordinator in Southern California, added the importance of keeping pure and positive thoughts for everyone, not only as a way to empower ourselves, but also others. She said that when it comes to our children, we should be careful not to send them anxious or worrisome thoughts when they are going through depression or a challenging situation, but instead send powerful and positive thoughts and vibrations, so that those can strengthen them.

Sister Gita emphasized that all women are more powerful then they realize. Through meditation they can realize their inner power and claim their rights and let the energy and love of the divine flow through us to heal and nurture the world.

Mr. Vivek Kashyap, a Raja Yoga Practitioner for 30 years, and owner of INcompass Effect, who facilitates individuals and corporations in transformation, reminded us of the importance of listening to our children and spouses and asking them how they would like to be communicated with i.e., how would they like to be listened to, how would they like to be spoken to?  He encouraged us to deeply listen, and said that when we listen from the heart, we are respecting and empowering them.  Lastly, he said that by doing the same with ourselves, we empower ourselves, i.e. listening to our own heart, body and soul with attention, love, and respect.



Dr. Annie Joneja , a Professor of Psychology and teaches at Mt San Antonio College. She emphasized on Human Development, Effective Parenting Skills, and Mindful Meditation.  

She has also written a children’s book called The Giving Children and her motto is “happy parents have happy children.”

Nitin Bajaj, who is the Director for Strategy & Marketing at Pratham - the largest education focused nonprofit based in India , educated the crowd on Pratham.

Rupsi Burman, Founder of HOPE IN LIFE FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization emphasized on training and education of women and children, both in USA and in India.


Rajbir Singh Husson, Founder / President emphasized on the mission of IASA of Unity and togetherness and Thanked all speakers.

Overall, this was a very successful, mindful, soulful, and insightful Meditation discourse touching the heart and soul of many who attended. It provided a private retreat from all the challenges our daily life throws at us.

The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.

IASA urges people in the community to join this renaissance movement of change and to build a better & stronger community by joining IASA. This was insightful discourse on meditation and women empowerment and a great mission by IASA for unity and solidarity in the community.








Rajbir Singh Husson Founder / President introduced the mission of IASA