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Gatka promoters highlight to harness Gatka as a potent tool to address contemporary challenges

International Gatka Seminar In USA Throws Spotlight on Self-Defence, Women's Empowerment, and Combating Drug Abuse

Los Angeles, Aug 04, 2023 A.Gary Singh

Grewal calls upon to initiate collaborative efforts to promote Gatka in international games 

With a resounding call for promoting martial art Gatka across the globe the World Gatka Federation (WGF) organised a groundbreaking International Gatka Seminar at Gurdwara Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA. The seminar, organized under the theme "Gatka: Self-defence, Empowerment of Women, and Against Substance Abuse," was successfully held in association of International Sikh Martial Art Council (ISMAC). It witnessed the convergence of esteemed Gatka promoters, experts, community leaders, and Gurdwara management committee members, who collectively emphasized the profound significance of Gatka art in addressing contemporary challenges and promotion of martial art.

Gatka promoters Harjeet Singh Grewal, Dr Deep Singh and Janamjeet Singh flanked with Gurdwara management committee office bearers during international Gatka seminar at New Jersey, USA.

                Esteemed luminaries from the Gatka community graced the seminar, including Harjeet Singh Grewal, President of the World Gatka Federation (WGF) and the National Gatka Association of India (NGAI), Dr. Deep Singh, General Secretary of WGF, and Janamjeet Singh, organising secretary of the Gatka Federation Canada who have presented their profound insights on the seminar's pivotal theme with their immense expertise.

                Addressing the audience, Gatka promoter Harjeet Singh Grewal passionately articulated the essence of Gatka as a facile and an inexpensive mode of self-defence. He emphasised that the  Gatka is not merely a Sikh martial art but a holistic system encompassing physical prowess, mental fortitude, and spiritual discipline. He informed that Gatka transcends cultural boundaries and serves as a bridge for fostering mutual understanding, unity, and communal harmony among diverse communities worldwide.

Dr. Deep Singh underlined the need to harness Gatka as a potent tool for women's empowerment. He stressed that promoting this art form empowers individuals, particularly women, with the ability to safeguard themselves in an increasingly uncertain world. He highlighted the Gatka's inclusive nature, breaking gender barriers, that enables women to embrace their inner strength and resilience.

                In his address, Janamjeet Singh highlighted the importance of martial art and critical role Gatka plays in combatting substance abuse. He emphasised that by channeling energy and focus into this disciplined practice, individuals find an alternative and constructive outlet to confront the challenges posed by addiction. He called upon to embrace Gatka, empower women, and stand united against drug abuse, forging a brighter future for generations to come.

                ISMAC spokesperson Lakhbir Singh Khalsa emphasised that by supporting Gatka, we not only preserve an invaluable cultural treasure but also equip our community with the tools to overcome challenges and build a safer, more harmonious world.

                On the occasion the Gurdwara management committee president Supinder Singh Bains, former president and businessman Harbhajan Singh, chairman Jasjit Singh Hundal, secretary Baljit Singh, Pritpal Singh Khalsa, Yadwinder Singh, Harkishan Singh Jassal, and other members present at the event expressed their unwavering support for promoting Gatka in the New Jersey state. The participants and attendees were inspired and moved by the resounding call to action, urging the global community to help in endeavour for getting recognition from international Olympic committees and to promote and preserve the rich heritage of Gatka. The event served as a powerful testament to the transformative power of this ancient martial art, addressing issues that resonate with societies across the globe.

The seminar concluded with a unanimous pledge to initiate collaborative efforts to promote Gatka through international forums, workshops, and educational initiatives.