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Federation of Indian Associations NJ NJ CT Election Results for Executive Team for 2020
Anil Bansal to carry the FIA torch for 2020 – Elected President of FIA


New York, December 24, 2019 A.Gary Singh/ Paresh Gandhi

The annual general body meeting of the Federation of Indian Associations (Tri-State) was held on Tuesday December 17th, 2019 at TV Asia Auditorium, Edison, NJ. The Agenda includes the overall performance and activities of FIA during the year 2019 including various reporting as well as to announce the election results and elect the new executive committee for the year 2020.

Alok Kumar, 2019 President along with his executive committee commended the support he was bestowed by the committee, sponsors, and supporters to make 2019 a remarkable year for FIA.  Kumar announced the 28-community focused and community assisting programs and events held under his Presidency and how it had an impact as much on him as it did for the community.  Kumar also thanked BJANA, who played a pivotal role in strengthening his resolve to deliver a stellar year for FIA and for the community. Kumar welcomed the President-Elect Anil Bansal who will take oath in the upcoming Republic day festivities AKA Dance Pe Chance which FIA is set to hold on Saturday, 25th Jan 2020. The colorful event is a cultural dance competition held annually for the past 36 years that provides a platform for the new generation of Americans of Indian origin to showcase their cultural talent.  The event has seen approx. 18000 children participation over the 3 decades and counting; This year there will be a bigger venue,  the War Memorial Theater in Trenton NJ.

FIA’s Election Committee comprising of Election Chair Jayesh Patel along with Trustees Dipak Patel and Yash Paul Soi collectively announced the election results For FIA NY NJ CT for the fiscal year 2020 It is  Anil Bansal-President – Himanshu Bhatia-Executive Vice President – Saurin Parikh – Vice President – Praveen Bansal – General Secretary – Mardavi Patel – Joint Secretary – Amit Ringasia – Treasurer and Immediate Past President Alok Kumar will continue to be part of the executive team. 

Incoming President Anil Bansal, a founder and Executive Chairman of Indus American Bank is an active and distinguished community leader, an active philanthropist thru his Bansal Charitable Foundation which provides financial support to a multitude of non-profits in the USA and a very successful entrepreneur with real estate holdings across the USA.  Bansal also holds a significant portfolio of investments in the IT industry including having had investments in the F&B and hospitality industry.  Bansal has been an integral part of the diaspora and FIA serving in various roles and after a two-year hiatus to spend time with his grandchildren, has now returned to serve the community again by holding the top spot in the soon to be 50 years old FIA. Bansal a graduate from IIT Kanpur India holds multiple residences with his primary residence being in NJ. Bansal in his role as the FIA President will be supported by his wife Kumud and two married and well-settled children. Bansal expressed his gratitude and assured the crowd in attendance that FIA will span uncharted altitudes with the milestone year under his leadership and will include a jamboree of festivities while continuing the active role of service to the diaspora.

Ramesh Patel, Chairman of BOT congratulated the 2019 FIA team for a wonderful parade and praised FIA's significant social activities performed that positively impacted the Indian community during the past year and welcomed the incoming 2020 committee who will carry the responsibility of the community engagements initiatives and festivities which comes with significant time and resource consumption.

FIA is the oldest and largest nonprofit grassroots umbrella organization comprising of diversified Indian Associations and serves as the mouthpiece of the Indian diaspora while engaging in initiatives and activates to promote the culture and objectives of the diaspora along with tackling community issues.