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Sanghera family Visit to Phoenix, Arizona


Los Angeles/Jan 09, 2024 Singh

For the past few years, around Christmas time my family collectively plans a short family vacation. It is a great opportunity for all members of the family to be to-gather and spend a few days enjoying the scenery and each others company. Last Christmas, we had a wonderful time in Hawaii. My grandchildren enjoyed swimming in the ocean close to our hotel while the adults had a great time sightseeing and shopping. Hawaii is rightly called the Heaven on Earth. The weather was great- warm and cozy. This year we decided to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a week.

Phoenix-Scottsdale area is rightly called the Valley of the Sun. The resort, WJ Marriott, is few kilometers out of the city. The setting is lovely and heartwarming. This resort is spread out over a very wide area. The facility is very impressive. It has lots of recreational facilities including the warm glow of cozy fire pits, flowing waters, sparkling pools, golf courses, restaurants, and a variety of other recreational facilities. It was a delight to watch beautiful native birds in giant palm trees swaying under blue skies. The resort caters very well to people of all ages from toddlers to teenagers to senior citizens. The resort claims to offer “endless experiences that celebrate the elements of fire, water, earth and sky.” It is a great asset to Metro Phoenix which is graced by several malls, resorts, hotels restaurants, and other facilities within easy reach.

Phoenix has a year-round warm temperature. It is home to a vibrant flora and fauna, cactus, palm trees and numerous native plants. Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens, Camelback Mountain and Art Museum are some of this area’s main tourist attractions. As it was just past Christmas, a major hotel in the area was displaying beautiful Christmas lights. It also had several other tourist attractions to celebrate the Christmas season. In order to celebrate the season, the organizers were running a train to enjoy a wide array of Christmas lights. It reflected the joys of the holiday season. This short vacation gave all of us an opportunity to spend time to-gether and share our experiences. One day, as all of us were sitting to-gether in the resort around a big conference table, I considered this as an ideal opportunity to share my experiences particularly with my grandchildren briefly. I started from the day I arrived in Canada in 1966.

I shared with them the difficulties I faced upon arrival in Canada as most of the new immigrants faced at that time. All of my grandchildren were listening closely to me. They asked very interesting questions. All of them were very pleased to learn the way our community has now become as the one of the most resilient, influential, resourceful, and generous one in Canada. I stressed that it is all due to the hard work and sacrifices of our pioneers who began coming to this country more than 130 years ago. They were happy to learn that my dad (their great grandfather) who came to Canada in 1906 was one of those pioneers who opened Canada’s doors for all of us.  

Time goes fast when you are having fun. The week went by quickly. Soon it was time to pack up and head home to Richmond on Air Canada. All of us thoroughly enjoyed this short break. It gave us time to relax and enjoy the sunny and warm weather of Phoenix.

Balwant Sanghera
(Balwant Sanghera is a retired School Psychologist and Community Activist)