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Shining Star: Talented and beautiful NRI Priyadarshini G. Roy’s Story

 Actor | Singer | Dancer | Model | Writer | Pre-Medical Graduate
Miss India USA Miss Talented ‘13 
Miss India Southern California ’12

Priyadarshini G. Roy will be seen on ZeeTV's Made in America

Los Angeles, California, July 27, 2017
Dilip Butani, Artesia Gary Singh Grewal

Not all NRI parents are comfortable to encourage and spend time for their kids to take class and private training in dancing and learning classical Indian music.

Priyadarshini G. Roy completed high school in just three years and is a pre-medical graduate from California State University of Long Beach. She completed her internship at St. Mary Medical Center Hospital.

“My parents made sure to instill culture, language, and a worldly perspective in my NRI upbringing. They not only made sure that I had a 4.0 G.P.A. but always encouraged my artistic passions by taking me to countless Indian Classical Music lessons, Bharatnatyam dance rehearsals, and theatre practices as well as extracurricular coaching classes. Teaching us to be fluent in our mother tongues, Bengali and Hindi,” Priyadarshini who is an actor, singer, dancer, model, writer and triple pageant queen said. “My titles include: Miss India USA Miss Talented '13, Miss India Southern CA '12 just to name a few. Over the years she has been a contestant on American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, as well as SaReGaMaPa USA.” 

Southern California's very own pageant winner, Priyadarshini G. Roy will be seen on ZeeTV's Made in America which features Former Miss America '14, Nina Davaluri as the host. She is joined by five other female contestants on the very first reality show with second generation Indian-Americans. 

Priyadarshini has performed in front of thousands, representing Indian-Americans in front of many Bollywood celebrities, playback singers, and political dignitaries.

  • Priyadarshini received her first degree at the age of 15 for her Bharatanatyam Arangetram/ Solo Dance Graduation Ceremony. She is Commercially signed with Daniel Hoff Agency, Theatrically signed with Mavrick Artist Agency respectively in Los Angeles.

Priyadarshini is currently pursuing a career as a leading lady with upcoming feature films in both Bollywood and Hollywood industries.

“My father, Mr. Pabitra Kumar Roy is an MBA Financial Professional and continues with his business prospects. My mother, Krishnakali Roy is a former entrepreneur franchisee owner and currently an artist specializing in sketching, portraits, and paintings,” said Priyadarshini. “ My younger brother, Aruneshwar Roy, is currently an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Junior at California State University of Northridge.”

Priyadarshini further said:

  • My parents and I immigrated from New Delhi in 1995 when I was only three years old. I have been brought up in Los Angeles ever since, but have traveled to India along with my younger brother and family every year. My parents have not only been supportive, they have been my backbone, my strength and their struggles as immigrants creating a better life for my brother and my future is the inspiration for my persistence and patience with every aspect of my life.”
  • I am extremely blessed with a family that fought against society, relatives and the “log kya kahenge” thought process to ingrain never losing touch with our cultural roots while building a modern future. Hopefully, once I am capable I plan to give back to the community and Mother Earth. 

NRIs (Non-resident Indians) are important to the Indian film industry not only as symbols and themes in storylines but also as a significant market for Indian films, according to noted director Karan Johar. Johar said: "I make films for Indians, whether they live in New York or Bihar. NRI is a status not an identity. For us they are all Indians."

Most of the actors and directors stressed the growing importance of the non-resident Indian for the film industry. Shah Rukh Khan told newsmen: "NRIs have been important to me", while Yash Chopra added: "NRI market is as good to us as the market in India and Britain is number one for us".

Yash Chopra said that his unique relationship with the NRI community began with DDLJ in 1995. Yash Chopra said: "'Veer Zaara' was the most important film of my life. It was the most authentic and positive depiction of both countries (India and Pakistan). Boundaries are man-made otherwise we are the same people; we have the same language, same family and same emotions."



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