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Aparna Hande daughter of Sumati Tilve


Los Angeles NRI Sumati G. Tilve Dies at 103

Sumati G. Tilve's favorite hobby was Coloring arts as shown Below

Three years Ago Her  “100th” birthday party was covered by NRIpress

Sumati G. Tilve took her last breath on Jan 5th, 2020 in front of her famil. She was born in home of Lakshi and Vithal Dhuri in village name Naneli, state of Maharashtra, in India on April 10, 1917. She was beloved daughter of her parents. . ......Read More


NRI Aparna Hande's family gather to celebrate their mother's 100th birthday

NRI Aparna Hande, daughter of Sumati Tilve received ‘WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2012 in California

Los Angeles, June 05, 2017

Los Angeles NRI woman Ms. Sumati G. Tilve, the mother of Aparna Hande, turned 100 years old last month and her family was sharing her longtime wisdom. Aparna Hande along with her family hosted 100th birthday party for their loving mother on May 6th at Cerritos Sheraton Hotel. There’s a lot that’s remarkable about this adoring mom and grandmother, who looks ageless.

Hundred years ago, when she was born, on the same month, 1917, the United States was preparing to declare war on Germany and enter into the fray known as World War I.

She belongs to a middle Class of Hindu family in part of Konkan, Maharashtra, India. Her father was head of a village, called Foujdar. She had three brothers and one sister. She never went to school, her thumb impression is her signature and identity. Konkan is the coastal division of Maharashtra state in India. It stretches North-South from the city of Mumbai in the North, to Goa which borders the southern tip of Konkan. The new piece of land thus recovered came to be known as Sapta-Konkana, meaning "piece of earth", "corner of earth", or "piece of corner", derived from Sanskrit words: koṇa. The population of the area is predominantly Hindu, with Buddhist, Christian and Muslim minorities.

Ms. Sumati G. Tilve arrived in Los Angeles, California in 1985 and looked after by her daughter Aparna Hande who received ‘WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2012 in California

Evening started with family procession bringing Mrs. Tilve on the stage. She was dressed in red 9 yards Marathi Sari. She walked on red carpet with grace, family played Lazim (Marathi Folk dance) waving her hand to greet all the guest.

Her daughters and daughter in laws, granddaughters performed native Marthi dance to remind her own young time in village festivals in Bharat. Theme of the evening was "Konkan Darshan”

Sumati G. Tilve earned a tribute from her five daughters, three sons, fourteen grandchildren, few great grandchildren, NRI community, NRI community leaders and politcians. Aparna Hande's mother belons to the middle Class of Hindu family in part of Konkan, Maharashtra, India.

She wanted to instill kindness, honesty, courage, perseverance, self-discipline, compassion, generosity and dependability kinds of values in her children. She talked to her chilren about what’s right and wrong, and what constitutes good behavior and what doesn’t.

Sumati G. Tilve continue to stay with Aparna Hande, even all her children started moving from Cerritos to have their independent life. At home, she felt lonely and she joined the adult day health care center in Cypress, CA.
She started to spread awareness about India and Indian festivals such as Diwali with them. They all communicated with her in sign language. Her senior friends came to celebrate her century celebration. They performed Hawaiian and Philippine dance number for her.

It was great happy movements, memories of 100 years to celebrate.

Lavani and Marathi folk dance were also staged by daughters and granddaughter.

Aparna Hande, RN, MSHCA, Woman of the year 2012 Cerritos, CA, tributes her mother (Mrs. Sumati G Tilve), and shared her experience. Aparna is well known community leader and eldest daughter in her family, she narrated her mother’s life in India and how she came to USA after many years of request.

Her Early Life:

  • My mother was born in middle Class of Hindu family in part of Konkan, Maharashtra, India. Her father was head of a village, called Foujdar. She had three brothers and one sister. She never went to school, her thumb impression is her signature and identity.

Married Life:

  • She married my father and moved to village called Kolgaon, in rural Konkan. My father was a Revenue officer and my grandfather worked for Bhosale, King of Sawantwadi.

  • My mother worked in Rice Field to raise her 8 children after her husband’s sudden death. .  She stood like Jhansi ki Rani and took over responsibilities of both parents.

  • She dedicated her life to bring her children by bring bringing them up with the values of love and compassion and responsibilities, Just like Shyamchi Aai (Shym’s Mother). Shyamchi Aai (English: Shyam's Mother) is one of the greatest tributes to mother's love literature in Marathi.

 In 1985, Mrs. Sumati G Tilve arrived in L. A. California, USA.

  • My mother arrived in Los Angeles as Immigrant to join me. I opened an Elderly Care Facility in Orange County. I had first Marathi Client.  She could go and visit her in Boarding Care and help her to feed, and listen to her life stories and share her life stories with her. She touched many elderly.

  • I placed my mother in day Center in Cypress, when all family members moved out of my house. Day center allowed me to bring Indian food, and all her to dress her in 9 yards sarees.  I trusted my mother’s ability to communicate with her body language with others, Language was a very great challenge.

  • One day, my mother asked me, can we celebrate her birthday and Diwali in Day Center?. So they will learn our culture? It was a great idea to educate and increase awareness of our Culture to others.  Since then, we celebrate these two functions in day center. She paints  The pictures of our Hindu Gods and Goddesses as her Occupation task. My mother became a center of attraction in their Facility, Known as MAMA – Grand Mother –NANI and DADI – India.Transformation from Kokachi Ajibai to Americachi Aji bai

  • My eldest brother is well known social worker, he was asked to bring his mother to share her experience with all village women on during that gathering. She shared her experience, and she explained how she takes the best of both countries to make her golden years of life As GOLD”. She is enjoying her Golden Days.

Aparna ended her speech by telling her mother “how much her children love her “they never told her before. Audience felt to their heart that how much her children love her, they acknowledge with loud clapping.

Ms. Sumati G. Tilveadjusted well in her new surrounding with all her children and grandchildren. She kept her family together and inspired them to keep their Konkani tradition going.

Many well-known community leaders Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj of Artesia (2nd from left), Dilip Butani, president of few NRI associations and Naresh Solanki, Councilmember (RH)also came to wish her happy birth day.

Longtime friend of Aparna Hande’s  Kamini khare narrated a poem on her life events on her behalf.

Kamini khare is the President of India Association of Southern CA, IASC. The various activities are organized by IASC include celebration of Republic Day function, Diwali, Mother's day and various service oriented programs.

Story of Of 100 years- POEM
Hundred years before  Goddess Durga had blessed my parents a little girl that was me.
with many celebration I was named and grew up as  sumati  Rani
My Father Vithal bhai dhuri held my finger walk all over the court yard
showing the birds who were flying place to place.
I played with my sister  doll house and arrange doll marriage.
with my brother I plucked green mango from the tree.
I learned do and don't of life from my aunts and grand mothers.
One day they all started talking Sumita Rani has grown up we must find a groom
Yes I had touched my teen age line.
Very soon they all found Shri  Ganesh Govind Ji Tilve.
 with lot of pomp and show we both got married.

I was loving daughter free like a bird in my father's
ceremony of marriage loaded me with many responsibilities.
Now I became Sumita Bahu of  Tilve family and wife of Ganesh Govind
I reached his home with many dreams and hope
I was welcome with open arm but my heard was pounding
I was little shy little nervous touching my veil over and over.
my anklet little bells were making sound as I reached in court yard
One beautiful lady held my hand and made me sit in one corner
and whispered in my year It is your new home to start married life.
Mr. Sham Bhogal , friend of Aparna , made a  SHAHRI .
Food was very good and plenty. It was a memorial evening .






Aparna Hande daughter of Sumati Tilve