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Kabul Gurdwara Attack Mastermind Islamic State Khorasan Chief Farooqui Arrested

Los Angeles, April 04, 2020 A.Gary Singh

Afghan security forces arrested Islamic State Khorasan chief  Mawlawi Abdullah, also known as Mawlawi Aslam Farooqi who plotted Kabul gurdwara attack on March 25
Las month on March 25, nearly 27 people were killed in the attack on Guru HarRai Gurdwara at Kabul’s Shor Bazaar. Four gunmen were killed.

Mawlawi Abdullah aka Aslam Farooqui:

  • Aslam Farooqi Pakistani Citizen belongs to Mamozai tribe and from Orakzai agency area on Pak-Afghan border.
  • He was involved Lashkar-e-Tayebba (LeT) group and then Tehreek-e-Taliban terror group, and in charge of operations in the Khyber Agency

Mawlawi Zia ul-Haq, also known as Abu Omar al-Khorasani, led the IS Khorasan Province until April, 2019.

He was replaced by Aslam Farooqi during a visit by an ISIL core delegation, underscoring the direct relationship between ISIL-K and the ISIL core in Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic. It is  broadly borne out by other Member States, fighters associated with ISIL-K, including foreign terrorist fighters, number between 2,500 and 4,000


25 NRI Sikhs killed in Sikh temple by Afghanistan Gunmen suicide bombers
Now 275-300 Sikh/Hindu community Family live in Afghanistan
Direct challenge to Modi-Indian Govt. & US Govt.

Los Angeles, March 25, 2020 A.Gary Singh

Narender Singh Khalsa, a member of parliament who represents the Sikh community, told Media that there were three attackers, who arrived around 7am when the buildings were full of 200 worshippers. This attack was happened on the 400-year-old Gurudwara in Shor Bazaar in Kabul

Bombers threw grenades, and after bursting into the complex, started shooting on worshippers. They have killed at least 25 worshippers, including women and children, and injured 8.

In July 2018, a suicide bomber attacked and 13 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus when were going to meet President Ashraf Ghani in Jalalabad city in Nangarhar. Afghan Sikh leader Avtar Singh Khalsa, father of Narender Singh Khalsa was also killed in this attaked

Now today there are few hundred families in Afghanistan. In 1970, Afghan Sikhs and the Hindu population was nearly 700,000 .

  • 2020: Afghan Sikhs and the Hindu population maybe 400 to 450 adults and about 100 to 200 children.
  • 2013: There were around 800 families in Afghan, out of which 300 families lived in Kabul.
  • 2001: Hindus and Sikhs had suffered huge setbacks after the Taliban regime collapsed.
  • The number dropped sharply to 15,000 when the mujahedeen were in power during the 1990s and remained at that level during the Taliban regime. Seven of Kabul's eight Gurdwaras were destroyed. Before the 1990s, the Afghan Sikh population was estimated around 50,000
  • In 1980-85, the Sikh and Hindu population number was 250,000
  • 1970: Afghan Sikhs and the Hindu population was over 650,000

 Afghanistan today is overwhelmingly vast majority Sunni Muslims with 84%