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Swami Nithyanandaji to visit San Jose on May 6 and May 10

Los Angeles, Apri 30, 2009
By Dilip Butani

As part of the Yogam tour , the founder of Life Bliss Foundation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (popularly known as “Swamiji”) will be visiting San Jose between May 6 and May 10

Following the mantra, “Experience the Change,” Swamiji’s Yogam is a new movement to realize, receive and radiate yoga, uniting your intentions and actions to allow you to achieve excellence in performance – whether you’re an athlete, executive, parent, student, teacher, professional or employee

Swamiji will be giving free public discourses on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras on May 6 and May 7 at the Indian Community Center in Milpitas. During these discourses, Nithyananda will discuss the authentic essence of yoga, which not as just a posture or practice, but a tool for “Living Enlightenment”.

Each sutra or technique has “independent intelligence to lead to enlightenment”, says Nithyananda of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Swamiji emphasizes the practicality of each technique and explains how the technique or sutra can be applied in daily life. Topics have included “The Power of Practice”, “The Signs of a Yogi - How to Integrate” .

In his unique and one-of-kind style, Swamiji shares this ancient wisdom using candid stories and humor. These extremely popular discourses have received an overwhelming response, with audiences averaging a thousand or more.

Two meditation programs will be conducted by Swamiji while he is in San Jose: Kalpataru Program on May 8 and Yoga Spurana Program (YSP), a 2-day meditation program on May 9 and 10. These unique workshops are a rare opportunity to spend time in the presence of a living Enlightened Master.

The Kalpataru Program is a unique one-day meditation program for blissful living, designed by Nithyananda and being offered for the first time in the USA during his spring tour. Through meditation techniques, one learns how to live a fulfilled life with more love, happiness and compassion.

Following the Kalpataru Program is the weekend-long Yoga Spurana Program in which participants can apply these teachings, experiencing greater fitness and health, increasing productivity, bringing clarity, and leading to success in all walks of life.

Also offered as part of YOGAM will be Nithya Yoga, a form of yoga cognized by Nithyananda. It is the most ancient system of yoga as originally expressed by Patanjali -- an experiential science the very practice of yoga becomes a meditation. This practice can benefit every individually, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.

Nithyananda was born in the temple town of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, which boasts a rich Vedic Tradition and is home to a succession of enlightened masters, including Ramana Maharishi and Annamalai Swamigal. Nithyananda began his spiritual quest at a young age, studying yoga, meditation and Vedic rituals.

A few years after his first spiritual experience, Nithyananda left home to travel the length and breadth of India on parivrajaka, or “wandering”, in the tradition of great masters before him. During his travels, he carried only a kamandalu (holy water jug) and would stay no more than few days in each place. His experience on parivrakaja gave him the ability to deeply understand the problems and daily concerns people face in their everyday lives.

After years of intense meditation practice and in-depth study of Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta, and Shaiva philosophies while on parivrajaka, Nithyananda attained the ultimate state of consciousness, the State of Nithyananda (Eternal Bliss). After achieving this state, Nithyananda felt the intense need to share this precious gift with humanity so that every individual can realize their full potential.

The teachings of Nithyananda offer guaranteed and practical solutions for all situations and all individuals. Nithyananda is identified by his unique ability to share this practical experience and to recreate the experience of “Nithyananda”, in every individual, from top executives to rural farmers.

The simple, dynamic meditation techniques offered during his meditation programs and his lucid understanding of practical issues enable individuals to blossom at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Nithyananda has ordained meditation and yoga teachers around the world.

Under the guiding mission statement, "Transformation of humanity through transformation of the individual", with hundreds of centers worldwide, Swamiji’s spiritual mission continues to grow, touching millions of lives around the world.

San Jose will be the final tour stop for an 11-city North American tour.