Gold, Diamond and Platinum members



  We had three options  to take this project next level & choose 3rd option to raise Funds:
  1 Investors or sell part of the project
  2 Joint Venture with IT Companies
  3 By Sponsor News and Raise Funds with Commitment from Like Minded NRIs by Giving them incentives
    a ......(In each Major City where NRI Population about 5000 NRIs)
    b Membership was set up  on the bases of 5 years commitment
      1 Gold Members: 50 people x $5000--------Business Community (Adv. each year)
      2 Diamond Members: 25 people x $10,000-Doposit $ 5,000 WITH 2 Adv. each year

Platinum Member: 10 people x $25, 000----- Deposit $10,000 with 2 ads /year


NRIpress.Club-LA 50 means about 50 NRIs from Los Angeles (100 miles radius) will have one Network in LA which will help to operate network and NRIpress News Media under the direction of Inc.

  • NRIpress.Club-LA 50 shall include minimum 50 NRIs from two sources

    • 25 Executive Committee Members from NRIpress Sponsor's Categories
    • 25 Executive Committee Members from NRIbusiness Network-One person elected from each Professional Website

NRIpress.Club LA Co-Founders:

  • 20 NRIs will be eligible to our Reserved 2 million Discounted Shares within 5 years when our 20 members as a group approach us under
  • They will be preferred  in executive committee on the bases of their qualification, interest and ability
  • THEIR NAME, BIO AND PHOTO WITH MEMBERSHIP LIST will be listed as co-founder under the link“about us” at Home Page
  • Please check more benefits under OUR BENEFIT LIST.

(XX)......Revenue and Expenses Estimate

A fter Developing our New Web -Development Project in 2018

We already have identified potential expenses for action items as well as potential revenue for each target market group we develop. Here we combine that information with our current operations to get a complete financial picture. Consider developing best-case and worst-case scenarios, +!0% growth or -10% growth

Strategic Plan Revenue Estimate

An easy approach for estimating potential revenue is to estimate the potential revenue for each target customer group separately. Ideally, it gives us a rough idea of how much revenue or sales per customer we can anticipate generating. We find out the information- Estimated number of customers, estimated average sale per customer and estimated number of sales per customer per year.

  • NEWS SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM: 30% Revenue from News sponsorship program who become automatically members  from Silver to Platinum. Our sponsors in general are highly successful business persons, entrepreneurs, professionals and associations.
  • 22 WEBSITES MEGA PROJECT: 30% Revenue of Advertisement of members on 22 Website Mega  Project - We promote Businesses on our 22 website Mega project such as is under development.
  • Direct NRIpress Regular Membership revenue  This membership is not involve in promotion except initial one page BIO
  • Advertisement on Website on home page as well as extension pages
  • 30% revenue from Video Hot Top Panel
  • 30%  revenue from Function Event

Strategic Plan Expenses Estimate:

We estimate our current operating expenses by forecasting each item based on how it increases to accommodate for the expected growth.

For the past 10 years, we never depend upon advertisement revenue. We reduced our expenses from $50,000 year to $15000 per year by involving young IT VOLUNTEERS or by providing shares of the company. Most of the volinteers are agreed, If the company grow, they grow.

  • Reduced overhead expenses by involving IT professionals who like to help NRI Community by volunteer services. with the attraction of Company's incentive shares program.
  • Our estimated bills (around $10,000/year) for servers, domains, hosting and News costs are paid by our sponsors, NRI Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

REVENUE IN USA on the bases of 5 major States of USA
CALIFORNIA MODEL with 5 - 10 advertisement on 22 Professional Websites

I   WEB SITES   Location-web Name -# Charges Total 2018 .TOTAL USA
  A Advertisement on Home Page. of NRIpress 1 On Top 300x100 1 $3000 $3000    
2 RT Column & Base 7 $1000 $7000
Revenue on -only member's advertisenet by rotation $10,000

22 WEBSITES .......Click

1 10 $500 5000  
    2 5 $500 2500
3 10 $500 $5000
4 5 $500 $2500
5 5 $500 $2500
6 10 $500 $5000
7 10 $500 $5000
8 5 $500 $2500
9 5 $500 $2500
10 10 $500 $5000
11 5 $500 $2500
12 5 $500 $2500
13 NRIimmigration. com 10 $500 $5000
14 10 $500 $5000
15 5 $500 $2500
16 5 $500 $2500
17 10 $500 $5000
CLICK FOR BIGGER VIEW 18 10 $500 $5000
  19 10 $500 $5000
20 NRItravelAgencies 5 $500 $2500
21 10 $500 $5000
22 5 $500 $2500
TOTAL Advertisement Revenue of 22 website in California $80,000
Business-owner can Autmatic Register and develop webpage. 15 business owners x 20websites x $100 ONLY (See left corner of each website.... Click $30,000
  C Membership and News Sponsorship  


Membership Type Who Involve Payments/ Year Estimate Membership First year Collection
1 BRONZE Members Regular $100 200 $20,000
2 SILVER Members Associations/Polical/ Charities $250 40 $10,000
3 GOLD Members Businesses -Real estate/ Denist.. $500 See above at II xxxxxx
4 DIAMOND Members SPONSOR News- 5,000-$10,000 $1,000 25 $25,000
5 PLATINUM Members Sponsor / Investors- Com- 11,000-$25,000 $2500 or More 10 $25,000 Membership and News Sponsorship...Click $80,000  
II In USA, Texas, New York, Chicago, Florida:= 4X $200,000 $800,000
* (On the bases of 5 - 10 advertisement in one major city of US at each website x 5 major States of USA).


NRIpress News Media Website must be developed by using open source technology

"As a NRI Media Global Leader to reach more than 25 million NRIs worldwide, it is very important for to select a news media APP technology provider with deep experience in delivering a highly reliable global infrastructure, as well as an unmatched track record of technology innovation, to meet our needs today and into the future of our rapidly expanding business," said A. Gary Singh at NRIpress, in a statement.

(XXXV)......WHO CAN BECOME SHAREHOLDER, Inc.'s Shares Updated, January 01, 2018
  I WHO CAN BECOME SHAREHOLDER OF, Inc under Incentive Stock Options (ISO) & Non-qualified stock options (NQOs)


  The Gold, Diamond and Platinum members members who sponsored our NRI News or adverisement payments of their businesses, and also like to help the company as advisors or news operation....... can be considered as investment in our special incentive share program. For Example:
  • Assume that you paid Inc., $10,000 (ten thousand $) to sponsor news or advertisement your business within last 10 years or made committment or you offer to provide services towards media next 5 years as an officer........ then you will be eligible to buy (10 times you paid $ amount) upto 100,000 shares with 75% discount under our reserved incentive prog. shares.
NOTE: This offer will be valid only first-come, first-serve basis only
  III, Inc's SHAREHOLDER Ownership
1 FOUNDERS US 45% 22.5M US-Founders--Globex Management-
2 CO-FOUNDERS Canada and Asia 15% 7.5M Canada and Asia- Co-Founders
3 US-IT/Advisors /News supponsors-Model 10% 5M LA -US/Canada Model
4 IT Web Developer 5% 2.5M IT Individual or IT Company who will take full responsibility to develop. Incentive Shares 5 times plus 75% discount (Company can compensate)
5 Operation 5% 2.5M Run the operation of the projectpIncentive Shares 5 times plus 75% discount (Company can compensate)
6 INVESTORS   10% 5M For expansion and update
7 RESERVE   10% 5M For Entreprneurs/joint ventures




MEANING of Incentive Stock Options (ISO) & Non-qualified stock options (NQOs)

The companies or individuals, who like to take to the next level, two stock options are available:

Incentive Stock Options (ISO):

  • ISOs can only be granted to employee
  • For ISOs, the benefit flows to the employee — the employee need not pay income taxes on ISOs; instead, assuming the employee holds the options and the stock for the requisite minimum period and meets other conditions,
  • The employee is only taxed on the difference between the exercise price and the fair market value at the time of exercise at the long-term capital gains rate (which is lower than the income tax rate).
Non-qualified stock options (NQOs):
  • Independent contractors must receive non-qualified stock options (NQOs).
  • The holders of NQOs must include the value in their income (and must also pay the capital gains tax upon exercise); however, the issuer (employer) may deduct from its own taxes the amount that the option holder must declare in his or her income.

--ISOs and NQOs are IRS classifications, each of which has tax benefits flowing to a different party.

(XXXVIII)....... Why has delayed in Expansion

  • Beginning in the 1990’s advertisers shifted their dollars from traditional media to the internet
  • The rise of Twitter and Facebook, more and more NRIs got their news from social media.
  • According to the Pew Research Center, over 60 percent of Americans now get news from social media, and 16 percent do so often.
  • Advertising has, historically, radically offset the cost of obtaining the news.

Historically, economists have looked at advertising as something that primarily funds our media, both entertainment and news. With the rise of these new platforms, we must now add a new category, social networking
Because your team knows the community, they also know what’s reasonable.
Trust in the press is at an all-time low.
If readers are the new publishers, the best way to get them to share a story is by appealing to their feelings.
Every community has news and values. It’s the job of the newsmedia to dig into the community, learn what’s important, and produce relevant copy that informs and engages its readers .......……A.Gary Singh Grewal

There are Five Main Factors to delay this project:

  1. We did it for passion, not money: We spread the message of creativity, work with entrepreneurs to help them grow as leaders.and , innovation to help others.
  2. We had a vision, but Project was Too Big with Technology Changing trend between 2000- 2015.
    1. Technology trends-The increase in mobile and Internet penetration has made being connected a way of life for younger generations of consumers.
    2. Social Media –Facebook and Twitter etc.
    3. Video News- News Media Print/ News Website  change with Video News
    4. News on CELL:  Update from Email to Cellular
    1. NRIs understand Jewish’s success but still materialistic. NRI community need to educate for  involvement in media, politics and Network.
    2. Our Network is helping us  for networking
  2. 2002-2010: We were running operation on the bases of advertisement. and later set up to get sponsor news
  3. 2010-2017: Some digital trends reshaping the media industry:
    1. We hold  and watch other companies, Indian Express, Google, social media, fake media, and print to web news and later video
    2. Reduce overhead expenses from $50,000 to $15,000 per year and continue keep good name in the market 24x7 news
    3. Continued to help NRI Needy people
    4. Continued to set up Network and only spend time who understand the vision and like to help NRI Community