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Harry Sidhu - City Council, Anaheim , California


Harry Sidhu, candidate for California State Senate - 33rd District

Los Angeles, Oct. 26, 2007
Gary Singh

In 2000, he lost Anaheim City Council seat and never give up. In 2004, he was elected as Anaheim City Council by more than 25,000 votes. Now he is the candidate to become the first NRI (non-resident Indian) elected to the California state Senate.

Last week, members of San Jose Sikh Gurdwara – the largest in the country, and Fremont Gurdwara Sahib - one of the most prominent and influential Sikh gurdwaras in the world, joined together at Swagat Restaurant in Milpitas, California, to provide significant fundraising support for Councilman Harry Sidhu’s candidacy for the 33rd State Senate District seat soon to be vacated due to term limits. This special gathering was hosted by board representatives from the respective gurdwaras, including: Surjit Bains, Sukhdev Singh Bainiwal, Bob Dhillon, and Rajinder Singh Mangar.

On National Flag Day, June 14, 2007, near about 100 popular community, business leaders and Govt official joined together in support and campaign fund raising kick-off date of Anaheim City Council Member Harry Sidhu's candidacy for the 33rd State Senate District seat. In the Diamond Club at Angels Stadium, the speakers were:

  • The country's highest ranking Korean-American officeholder and California's highest ranking Republican woman
  • Kristine Thalman, Chief Executive Officer, Building Industry Association of Orange County - serving as the chief spokesperson for the homebuilding industry in Orange County
  • Chris Norby, Chairman, Orange County Board of Supervisors - the most senior of Orange County's elected city officials and long-time, proud supporter of Councilman Harry Sidhu.
  • Bill Dalton, Mayor, City of Garden Grove
  • Gail Reavis, Mayor of Mission Viejo
  • Connie Underhill, Mayor of Placentia
  • Paul Hernandez, Irvine Company
  • Chris Lowe, Disneyland Resort.
  • Special guests were Angels' Legends Bobby Grich and Clyde Wright.

Hary Sidhu addressed to the audience:

  • As a young man, I came from India 35 years ago and made my California Dream come true. And, I want to keep that dream alive for my children, for your children, and for the next generation to come. But that dream is now in danger
  • We must work together to make our California dream come true again, or we will lose it forever.
  • I seek election to the California State Senate from the 33rd District to help protect the California dream.
  • We will succeed because we have no other choice. We will work together to save and restore the California dream of good schools, safe neighborhoods, and opportunity for all.
  • Together we will preserve the dream and pass the dream on to the next generation.

Protecting the Taxpayers- Harry Sidhu said the major event that pushed him to the Republican Party came in 1974, when he was 17 years old and making $2.65 an hour cleaning a Holiday Inn. About a third of his first meager paycheck went to taxes, cementing the matter for the lifelong conservative. Many other Indians have gone through similar experiences, he said.

Taxpayer money must be wisely spent. As a State Senator, I will continue to fight for sound and conservative fiscal responsibility, accountability to the taxpayers, and curbing wasteful government spending.

Protecting Property Rights- People work an entire lifetime to procure the American Dream of owning a home or business. I will continue to be a leading advocate for the protection of private property rights

Harry Sidhu on Encouraging Business Development- As a businessman, I understand the difficulties of running a business and will continue to support streamlined processes that encourage new business growth in traditional and emerging industries that will increase opportunities for our citizens to achieve the American Dream.

Illegal Immigration- I strongly believe that our local, state and federal governments must work together to stop illegal immigration and protect our border

On Transportation- I'm sick of the gridlock on our freeways and roads. I'll demand that every dollar collected from taxes on gasoline or auto sales go directly back into construction of more freeway lanes, more roads, and more public transportation.

Education- We must make sure our schools are safe from gangs and drugs in their hallways. Parents should have a real voice on how the system can be reformed to increase performance. Holding everyone accountable- administrators, teachers, students, and parents. I support making sure that every child reads, writes, and speaks English before they graduate and that children get a real "American" education that teaches them the positive, uplifting story of our nation's history and our commitment to freedom.

Demanding Ethics and Reform- No more 'back room' deals for Special Interests that corrupt the American Dream. I'll vote to end the outrageous salaries and perks like free cars and tax-free pay that state politicians give themselves.



Harry Sidhu