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Jindal puts off book to focus on oil spill

Washington, May 26
By Arun Kumar

Louisiana's Indian American Republican Governor Bobby Jindal has asked that the release of his forthcoming political book be delayed so he can focus on the Gulf Coast oil spill, according to his publisher.

The book - "Real Hope, Real Change: New Conservative Solutions to Rescue America" - was originally slated for a July, 2010 release.

"Regnery Publishing is postponing the release of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's upcoming book, 'Real Hope, Real Change,' at the request of Governor Jindal," Marji Ross, president of the conservative publishing house was cited as saying by CNN Tuesday.

"We understand and support the Governor's commitment to focus 150 percent of his attention on the BP oil spill and its impact on Louisiana and the Gulf Coast," she added.

A synopsis on describes Jindal's book as a mixture of biography and political philosophy.

When it was announced in April 2009, the book deal immediately sparked chatter about Jindal's national ambitions. The book's synopsis does little to tamp down the speculation.

"From health care and national debt to how we can fundamentally transform Washington, Jindal tackles controversial issues and offers fresh solutions," it reads. "Insightful and inspiring, 'Real Hope, Real Change' provides the leadership voice Republicans seek and the guidance America needs."

Meanwhile, Democratic House Majority leader Steny Hoyer has criticised Jindal for being part of the "drill, baby, drill crowd," then turning on the federal government in the wake of the gigantic oil spill. Jindal shouldn't be "wringing his hands" over the federal response in Louisiana, he told reporters Tuesday.

"Frankly, there are an awful lot of people who said this could never happen who are now saying, wringing their hands and saying, 'oh, why aren't you doing something?'" Hoyer was quoted as saying by Politico.

Hoyer also offered a staunch defence of the government's response, calling it "very, very robust" and reasserting that BP is responsible for plugging the well.