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Ami Bera, Nov  2014: won Congressional Race


Ami Bera, NRI Gujarati Doctor, won a second term at Congressional Race

Sacramento County
NRIpress-Club, November 19, 2014

After two weeks of polls closed, U.S. House of Representatives District 7 – Districtwide Results was officially updated today, November 20, 2014, at 10:00 a.m.

  •  Ami Bera led Doug Ose by 1,432 votes, 50.4% (92,394)  to 49.6% (90,962) , out of 190,216 counted
  • He won election in 2012 by only 3.4 percent

The race for California’s 7th Congressional District seat was the most expensive nation’s  House race of the 2014 election cycle- with a total price tag of $20,629,356, as of October 31 with $13.5 of that coming from outside groups.
Ami Bera, with the help of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee bombarded with attack ads, accused his challenger Doug Ose of getting rich while he served in.
“ Congress should be a place for service – not career politicians who are in it for themselves. I know the American people are tired of Washington gridlock and both parties playing the same old tired games,” said Ami. “ It’s past time to put people ahead of politics and make government work for you.”
“We should get started by holding Congress accountable if it doesn’t do its most basic job: Passing a budget,” said Ami. “ That’s why I’m a lead supporter of the No Budget, No Pay Act, which says if Congress doesn’t do its job and pass a budget on time, Congress doesn’t get paid. We also need both parties to do a better job of listening to one another to find common ground to move our country forward.”
“Since 2013, I fly home most weekends so I can meet with residents at events and meetings in Sacramento County,” Ami Bera told audience  in his second time election. “I frequently answer questions and communicate with people back home.”
That’s why I won’t take a congressional pay raise until the unemployment rate in Sacramento County is below 5 percent
In 1958. his  parents immigrated to the United States from Rajkot,  Gujarat, India. He was born in Los Angeles  in 1965 and raised in La Palma, California (30miles from LA)

  • He got BS degree in biological sciences and doctor’s degree from University of California at Irvine in 1991
  • He served as associate dean for admissions at the UC Davis School of Medicine and later served as the chief medical officer for the County of Sacramento.