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Ami Bera at Artesia, Feb. 19, 2015


NRI Dr. Ami Bera, Congressman at Artesia, California on Feb. 19

Meet and Greet/Reception to Kick-off the 2016 re-election  compaign

Artesia, California
NRIpress-Club, Feb, 19, 2015

Artesia Chamber of Commerce hosted a Meet & Greet with Congressman Ami Bera at the Artesia DES Hall Feb. 19 where he shared his family history and his desire to serve his community. “It was that commitment to service that led me to become a doctor and later run for Congress,” said Bera. 

Artesia Chamber President Parimal Shah welcomed more than 100 guests who attended to meet the Congressman, and Mayor Miguel Canales shared recent development projects planned for Artesia.

Congressman Bera shared his hope that there will be more diversity in Congress and reminded the audience that America is a nation of immigrants, and all ethnic and racial groups should be reflected in the makeup of Congress. Shah also told Artesia Chamber of Commerce is very active and can be join and do great networking with businesses. Any one can join the chamber  and does not have to be resident of Artesia.

He is a first-generation American born and raised in California, and he is the only Indian American currently serving in the House of Representatives. Bera represents California’s 7th Congressional District in Sacramento, one of the most vibrant and ethnically diverse districts in the country.

Naresh D. Bhakta, President of San Gabriel Valley Hospitality of Association introduce congressman Ami Bera.

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FEB 19TH, 4.30PM-6.30PM at 18743 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

"United States Congressman Ami Bera is a rising star and there is no limit to how far he can succeed in the political process," said Rashmi Shah, entrepreneur of Artesia City. "He has already made history in more than one ways and have been selected as the Co-Chairman of the powerful India Caucus in Congress and he had the honor of flying on Air Force 1 with President Barack Obama to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi." 

Interestingly, a question was raised to Ami Brara by Avadhesh Agarwal and Gary Singh Grewal:  "Mr. Brara, how can  you help us to bring our NRI community together when we (first NRI generation) participate in the cultural events organized by various NRI Organizations here and we were saddened to see these organizations managed by highly qualified people were divided on the basis of caste, ego and want of power." 

Mr. Bera just laughed and he promised that he would continue to help in this matter. In this roundtable meeting and closing statement in the presence of Ami Bera and Avadhesh Agarwal, Gary Singh Grewal  told nearly a dozen friends that we have already established NRIpress.Club (Website under consideration) with more than 60 entrepreneurs  to help these associations to do one function,  to help NRI 2nd generation, and help senior citizens.

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FEB 19TH, 6.30PM-9.00PM - Dinner at  Haveli

More than 200 NRIs and local politician attended the fundraising event which organisers believed that it sent a clear message to all NRIs how we can support our young politicians in future..


Congressman Ami Bera, M.D., the only Indian American in Congress, got back to his roots this week visiting his parents in their hometown of La Palma, California. His visit came just weeks after a historic trip to India with President Barak Obama aimed at growing the U.S.-India relationship. While in the area, Bera also met with local Indian American small business owners and the larger diaspora community.

Born and raised in California, Bera is the son of Babulal and Kanta Bera, who came to the U.S. from Gujarat in the 1950s for their education and then raised their family in La Palma.  His parents, Bera says, instilled in him the values that led him to eventually run for Congress.

“I ran for Congress as a son of parents who immigrated here from India, and it’s the values that our parents raised us with --the importance of family, of working hard, of sacrificing for the next generation to make sure your children are better off than you did-- that led me to where I am today," Bera said.

He continued that he hopes to help the up and coming generation of Indian Americans get involved in their own communities so that someday soon he's not the only Indian American in the Congress and more Indian Americans are serving in a greater capacity at all levels of government.

Among Bera's activities while in town were a meeting with the Artesia Chamber of Commerce, a roundtable with local Indian American community leaders, and a larger community reception. His conversations centered on both the importance of the small business community to America and California's economy, and the role they play in moving the U.S.-India relationship forward. He also visited his alma matter, John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma while he was in town.

A proponent for strengthening United States’ strategic and economic relationship with India and Asia, Bera is a Co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He is working to open Asian markets to California products to create new jobs and grow our economy.

Bera has represented Sacramento County in Congress since 2013. He is a physician and only the third Indian American ever to serve in Congress. He is the youngest of three boys and attended nearby U.C. Irvine for his undergraduate and medical studies. He and his wife Janine live in Elk Grove, California with their daughter Sydra.




PRESS RELEASED on  Feb, 18, 2015 to invite NRI Community

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Artesia, California
NRIpress-Club, Feb, 18, 2015

Ami Bera, NRI doctor, is on a one day trip at Southern California fundraising swing through Artesia, CA and his stops will be three different places in one mile area-: Lunch time one place/4-6 snack at 2nd place and dinner 3rd place. The events may be the most visible part of his Artesia stay, but it’s the fundraising.

Like NRI adults, many NRI young people express concern about politics- "While fundraising isn’t most people’s favorite activity in politics, it is a necessary endeavor," said Surinder Singh from Diamond Bar, CA who is a follower and fan of Ami. " Without fundraising, there wouldn’t be money to spend on events, staff, TV ads or brochures. NRIs must get together and encourage second generation to take part in politics."

"NRI young generation know that if we work hard enough, and if we fight long enough, we can finally bring change to Washington and to our country," said Ashok Mehta of Farmington Hill, Michigan. " Our involement in politics pushed for an end to racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and in public places."

FEB 19TH, 12.30PM-1.30PM


FEB 19TH, 4.30PM-6.30PM


FEB 19TH, 6.30PM-8.00PM - Dinner at  Haveli




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Artesia Chamber of Commerce




At Haveli Dinner




At 18743 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia: