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 Mad Rush to Canada Adversely Affecting Punjab Dosanjh

Visit Historic Khalsa College and Share Ideas with Faculty


Los Angeles, March. 26, 2019 A.Gary Singh

Former Premier of British Columbia, Canada, Ujjwal Dosanjh today said that the `mad rush’ of the youth to Canada was adversely affecting Punjab. He said the large scale brain drain and losing of the agile work force will have far-reaching socio-economic and cultural ramifications for the Punjabi society.

While visiting the historic Khalsa College campus he interacted with the faculty members and the management where he stressed that though there should not be restraints from dreaming big and venturing out in the world but the land of the five rivers will see have its after-affects. ``The agile work force and economic drain will leave its impact for and wide”, said he.

A lawyer by profession and 33rd Premier of BC Dosanjh however underlined the lack of employment opportunities and absence of good quality of life as the reasons why the youth was preferring the foreign shores. “The political class and society at large must delves deep into the issues relating employment generation and creating infrastructure for the robust economy”, said he.

Khalsa College Governing Council honourary secretary Rajinder Mohan Singh Cahhina who along with joint secretary Gunbir Singh and Principal Dr. Mehal Singh welcomed Dosanjh on meanwhile said that Punjabi society at large was proud of its Diaspora who have achieved big in foreign lands. “The Canada dreams' of Punjabi students often end on hard roads as the education system in Canada is very expensive”, said he.

Gunbir Singh also highlighted how the education in Canada was commercially oriented which ends in plight of money for most families. He however said that the students exchange programs must be encouraged for the professional sharing of the knowledge and information. “Even the dual degree programs can be chalked out”, said he.

Principal Dr  Mehal Singh emphasized on the growing relevance of exchange programs in the world of open economies. "International learning and knowledge propels students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives", said he.



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