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NRI doctor launched NRI prepaid card for ailing relatives in India


Texas, Dec. 01, 2008
Sunder Parkash

NRI Dr. Ravi Halekote of Transglobal Beneficial company, Texas, has launched a prepaid India Health Card for NRIs to pay medical bills of relatives in India.

This prepaid card is similar to a debit card. NRIs first load funds onto the India Health Card through the Internet. The beneficiaries can then use India Health Card to receive healthcare services from any of the extensive health care provider network across India.

An NRI can send a maximum of $1,000 daily to a beneficiary. But for a major surgery or hospitalisation, the NRI can load $1,000 on a daily basis on the card to grow the balance.

Like a bank, the company investigates any suspicious deposits and reserves the right to restrict the amount of money allowed in the account, as well as the ability to withdraw from the account, in order to protect against illegal actions like money laundering, fraud or gambling services.

Aannual membership fee for an individual is $10 and $25 for family.

Dr. Halekote said:

  • We has spent half-a-million dollars over the last two years on market research and getting a network of doctors on board.
  • The card is being aggressively marketed will get access to a 1,500-member network of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies across India with discounts ranging from 5% to 15%.
  • By using the card, beneficiaries will also receive quality service at a discounted rate, while ensuring timely payment to healthcare providers.
  • Our research found that a lot of Indians living abroad sent money home for medical expenses but it often went into buying household goods. NRI can ensure his or her parents visit the doctor
  • Our network of doctors communicate with them all the time. If they can’t find a specialist of their preference they can contact us with their preferred provider and we will try to sign them up for our network,

Transglobal Beneficial Inc is a Texas-USA based privately held company that provides innovative healthcare payment solutions. The company was launched by a team of medical professionals with the vision to impact the healthcare industry in the developing world.

About India Health Card: India Health Card is the first health care payment product launched by Transglobal Beneficial Inc. India Health Card is a pre-paid reloadable card that can be used to cover medical expenses across India.