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The cost advantage and qualified doctors in India attract NRIs for medical treatment

New York February 17, 2008
Dr. Gurinder Gill,

Indian hospitals and medical establishments have realized the potential of NRI niche market and have begun to tailor their services for foreign visitors. NRIs and tourists from around the world are also beginning to realize the potential of modern and traditional Indian medicine. Some Indian state governments have realized the potential of this 'industry' and have been actively promoting it. NRI from North America, UK and Middle East find Indian hospitals a very affordable and viable option to grappling with insurance and National medical systems in their native lands.

Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad also receives high number of foreign tourists for all types of surgeries and health checkups. Talking about the advantages the coordinator for medical tourism in Apollo, Dilip Anantraman said, "People are now aware of the health facilities being provided in Gujarat and knowledge of English language is another major advantage, along with a zero waiting period. Till now Maharashtra was the hottest medical destination but now more and more people are coming to our state and we have been able to break the monopoly to a great extent.'

The majority being cardiac patients and a good number of patients coming for joint replacement, plastic surgery and In-vitro fertilization. Dr.Viren Shah, Medical Superintendent of Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad says, "About 500 to 700 patients visit us for cardiac problems, joint replacement and plastic surgery. The medical tourism is increasing at a very fast rate and it is only due to the vision of our government. We expect it to increase further and Gujarat has a bright future in this area.”

The medical treatments are conducted by most competent doctors and at hospitals with world class Medical Facilities at low costs. Gujarat is becoming the preferred medical tourist destination and also matching the services available in Delhi, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital has a floor devoted to Gulf patients, which are among the 2.0 lakh foreigners flying to India each year for knee, hip, spine and heart surgery at bargain prices, The Daily Telegraph reported. "General Motors spends $6 billion a year on health care, it's killing the company," he said. "These firms are going to have to turn to India because but there's no other choice," he told the newspaper.

US hospitals already use Indian doctors for night emergencies, sending data from X-rays and scans electronically for instant analysis. According to Taj Medical Group, a knee operation that might cost £10,000 in the UK can be obtained in India for £4,900, including travel and accommodation. A total body scan to detect early cancer for £72, compared with £2,200 quoted in Britain.

The Indus Super speciality Hospital, Mohali offered Specialize Tailore Services for NRIs

Mohali, Punjab February 17, 2008
Gurmeet singh,

The Indus Super speciality Hospital, Mohali, has come up as a World Class Sub-Speciality Hospital Providing specialized health Services closer to home for all People from Punjab ,neibouring states.
INDUS now proudly offers Specialized Tailored Services for NRI (NON RESIDENT INDIANS) and Foreign Nationals.

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Jalandhar hospitals 35 percent of their income from NRI patients

Jalandhar, a major draw for childless NRIs
JALANDHAR, February 19 2008

For a large number of childless non-resident Indian couples, Jalandhar city in Punjab is a place where they have found the biggest joy of their lives--a child.

Many childless non-resident Indian (NRI) couples visit Jalandhar exclusively for test tube babies. The major draw to this specific city is the inexpensive medical cost in comparison to hospitals abroad.

In foreign, it costs about one to one-and-a-half million rupees whereas it costs just rupees 100,000 to 150,000 in Jalandhar hospitals. ..........Full Story