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NRI Super specialty Hospital/ Medical College in Calcutta

• Under the banner of NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL TRUST, Kolkata
   &, a reliable internet Media, North America
• Proposed to acquire from the Govt. of India a 45 acre existing Hospital
• Dr. Mukhopadhyay has his credit to assemble a team of 30 doctors in Kolkata

Nri doctor’s world wide are serving billions of people and are matter of pride and sorrow for every Indian for honors and blasphomy received by them for their services. Indian common people and millions of NRIS were so long unaware of the great value and significance of this sect of Indians till recently when Avtar Singh, a NRI engineer turned entrepreneur and Sankar Nath Mukhopadhyay, Phd., IPS retired, Kolkata, an Indian Entrepreneur with Indian Police Service background took interest to the setting up of, a reliable internet Media, now the only instrument of communication between the NRI DOCTORS and Indians home and abroad.

Dr. Mukhopadhyay also dreamt of uniting the enterprises of the NRI and the Indian Doctors to set up a Hospital Tourism Industry with a Medical Education Resort with a strong accreditation system for both Hospitals of Super Specialty and The Medical College to ensure uniform quality of service with a transparent fee structure for both foreign and domestic patients and students.

After commissioning his venture in Education and real Estate in Orissa state through his organizations viz. NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION and NAMM CEISHA PROMOTION AND CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED, Dr. Mukhopadhyay has stepped his feet in to Medical arena after gauging the current requirements of Medical services and Education in home and abroad. He blended services with Medical Education to promote a sense of Research amongst his service providers to bring forth continuous development in the standard of service of his organization. A combination of devoted and illustrated Medical specialists from India and abroad working together with cooperation and mutual understanding can only lead to this desired success.

Dr. Mukhopadhyay has his credit to assemble a team of 30 doctors of authoritative excellence with background in Medical teaching from various specialization with professional traits and dedication under the banner of NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL TRUST to set up his center of Medical Excellence in Kolkata for fostering cheaper, super quality, transparent Medical service tied up with Medical Education, training and Research for commoners, India and abroad. The Education, training and research planned along with super specialty Hospitals are meant for gradual and continuous promotion and of the standard of services leaving no scope for any deterioration.

He has proposed to acquire from the Govt. of India a 45 acre existing Hospital with no burden of old staff and is to take over shortly. He has in this task the blessings of the Governments both in the Centre and the State and the elites of his country since he has proved his excellence by his humane values and caring concern for others. Dr. Mukhopadhyay aims to convert this huge campus Hospital located in a key area near KOLKATA WEST INTERNATIONAL CITY to a cosmopolitan Medical Hub through professional planning. Internationally reputed Health Care Planner and Operational Manager Dr.Vinoy Kothari and his team in HOSPIHEALTH CONSULTANTS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED are acting as the primary consultant to the Project. The financial Institutions of High Esteem like the IDBI and the State Bank Of India have expressed in writing their keen interest to support the project of Dr. Mukhopadhyay's dream.

Now in accordance with the objectives set out by the two entrepreneurs Avtar Singh and Sankar Nath Mukhopadhyay, they seek the long term associations of at least 10/15 NRI doctors of high strature to the Hospital and academy through the US media corporation NRIDOCTORS.COM. NRI Doctors by the process can fulfill their crazy dream to serve mother India in his recess. Most of the Hospitals and Medical Universities in USA have provisions for 9 months' pay for their serving doctors saving those in practice. Thus those in Universities, colleges and associate Hospitals with three months leave can spend their recess/holidays in their motherland within the environs of Hospitals and Research. Their participations may be in the way of addressing seminars/meetings with their counterparts/students on transfer of innovative technology in western countries in the field of medicine. They can also associate with short term research /training/ teaching in the Medical College and Research Centre and can take part in indoor and outdoor activities in the Hospitals and diagnostic Centers in cooperation with their Indian counterparts. They will be compensated by a package of financial benefits including fares, stay, incentives and fees in accordance with the rates of packages for NRI Doctors prevailing in India. Their visits and pay/reimbursement packages have to be approved in advance by the Highest Authority of the Medical College and Hospital and according to the business of the medical College and Hospital through the NRIDOCTORS.COM who will be their local contact for the purpose.

NRI/NRI Doctors

Any NRI/NRI Doctor can donate or supply at reasonable cost any equipment if required by the Hospital/Medical College of Namita Mukherjee Memorial Trust. will arrange the shipment of the said equipment.

Any NRI/NRI Doctor are free to refer any foreign/NRI patients to the proposed superspeciality Hospital since many foreign and NRI patient will be interested for cheap and super quality services there. The Hospital Authority will arrange a package for their journeys from their country to the Hospital with an escort, stay, foods and treatment. Booking and advances will be done with the NRIDOCTORS.COM who will pay the referral fee/ commission to the Referee.

The willing NRI Doctors/NRIs are welcome to donate/ participate in the equity of the Project or to start their own project of any specialty/course within the Infrastructures to be set up by the Hospital/ Medical college Authority inside the Projects of NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL TRUST, on terms and conditions to be decided between the proposed NRI DOCTOR/willing NRI and the Authority of NAMITA MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL TRUST. And it should be through the in case the request comes through the above organization.

For more information, Contact Dr. SANKAR NATH MUKHOPADHYAY at Kolkata 919830245895 and email: or, 951-372-0809 in USA and email: