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Gayatri Chetna Center (GCC)


Gayatri Chetna Center 2nd Anniversary Celebrations with Dr. Pranav Pandy 


Los Angeles, July 30, 2012
Anil Parekh/ Dave

It was a significantly auspicious weekend in the history of the Gayatri Chetna Center (GCC), as more than 800 devotees poured into the center to celebrate three major events starting on July 13 and spilling over into July 14.

The center was celebrating its second anniversary and Dr. Pranav Pandya, head of Gayatri Pariwar, graced the event. The festivities began with a Ganeshji and Hanumanji muirti pratistha poojan and sthapan.It also included a cultural night and a blessing speach by Dr. Pranav Pandya.
Many children from the Baal Sanskaar Shaala participated in the cultural night, and their performance was applauded by all.

Dr. Pranav Pandya, in his inspiring speech on “Surya ShaktiSadhana” the effect of meditation on rising Sun. Dr Panday gave scientific reasoning of achieving the great power from the Sun and how one’s day to day progress becomes most powerful and beneficial from the spiritual aspect as well as in material benefits to family and society. He urged all to recite the Gayatri Mantra and Surya Gayatri Mantra every morning at sunrise and offer ablution with the offer of water while meditating facing the east . This ritual would imbibe the spiritual energy to vitality in one’s body and bring the ambience of happiness and joy into the house.

It began with a Kalash Yatra in which the ladies participated by carrying the Gayatri Mantra Lekhan books and scriptures on their heads in a procession through the streets surrounding the Center. It was a colorful scene as it wound its way around led by the saints and officials with the Indian and American flags fluttering in the breeze at the head of the march. Before it began Saint Dr. OP Sharma, conducted a poojan to purify the kalashes.

The proceedings commenced with the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra thrice followed by a mellifluous devotional song sung by Saint Govind Patidar who continued to captivate the worshippers with his rich voice throughout the yagya with his renditions, ably supported on the tabla by Puskar Raj.

Dr. Pranav Pandya who accompanied his instructions with a discourse which covered the concept of the Gayatri Pariwar – Vichar Kranti Abhiyan which he said is to nurture and nourish a large growing family which constantly strives to ‘think right and do right.’ His emphasis throughout the ceremony was on the immense power of positive thought, the cultivation of concentration and the need for action through service and love, all of which he illustrated with anecdotes from the life of Gurudev Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya ji and Mata Bhagvati Devi Sharna Ji the founder of the mission.

Before lighting the fire he also assured everyone they should not fear the smoke from the fire would be polluting the atmosphere because scientific testing of samples of air over an area of a yagna showed a significant reduction in pollutants, water had less bacteria and the soil showed increased productivity.

Among the chief guests attending the event included Swami Servadevananda ji, director of the Vedanta Society; businessman Avdhesh Agraval, and Cypress Mayor Prasad Narayan. Rep. Ed Royce, California assemblyman Tony Mendoza, and LA County Supervisor Don Knabe sent their messages, and Certificates of Recognition for outstanding performance and community leader were presented to Mahesh Bhatt, Kaushik Patel, Raju Patel and Anil Parekh.
The Gayatri Chetna Center is located at 2446 W. Orange Ave. Anaheim, CA.


Southern California Indian Community welcomes Dr. Pandya to Los Angeles
Participation is FREE and OPEN to all for all programs at

Gayatri Chetna Center, 2446 W. Orange Ave
Anaheim, CA 92804

Los Angeles, July 11, 2012:
Anil Parekh/ Dave Singh

The Ceremony will be conducted by
Head, AWGP and Saints from Shantikunj, Hardwar - India
Dr. Pranav Pandya