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Nisha Patel-Nasri- special constable murdered



Husband denies to kill his NRI wife but admitted affair with a prostitute

London, Feb. 02, 2007
Rameshvar Singh

Fadi Nasri, the husband of murdered special constable Nisha Patel-Nasri, was photographed being kissed by his lover on a romantic break just weeks after his wife was killed, allegedly by a hitman he hired, a court heard yesterday.

Mr Nasri denied any involvement in his wife's death. He is accused of killing her so that he could claim her life insurance policies worth £350,000 and then set up home with Laura Mockiene, 25, a Lithuanian prostitute as a lover

The jury was shown holiday pictures of Fadi Nasri kissing Laura Mockiene.

Mr Nasri's laywer asked him:

  • Did you have anything to do with the death of your wife?" Mr Nasri replied, "NO"
  • "If he loved his wife"..... Nasri replied: "Very much so."

In the court, Mr Nasri said:

  • He had started having a relationship with Miss Mockiene after he paid her for sex at a flat in Victoria.
  • He hsd seen her and other prostitutes at the flat in between driving jobs for the stretch limousine car service.
  • Despite denying the affair, Mr Nasri eventually admitted his infidelity to police.
  • He had started an affair with Miss Mockiene three months before his wife was murdered.

The police also found photos and records of a trip to Cairo, Egypt, in February 2006.

The prosecution alleges that the killing was arranged by her husband' friend 38-years old Roger Leslie.

All from London, the hitman Jason Jones, 36, and driver Tony Emmanuel, 42, Rodger Leslie and Fadi Nasri, husband of Nisha Patel deny murdering charges

The trial continues.

Nisha killing: Husband held in dramatic arrest

London, Feb. 02, 2007
Rameshvar Singh

Fadi Nasri, 33, twice-married, was held by detectives on suspicion of murder after a nine-month police probe.

He is being questioned by murder squad officers over his potential involvement in the knifing . In the days after her death, Mr Nasri made a series of emotional public appeals for information on the murder.

He said: "Obviously someone has got a guilty conscience. They shall be worrying about what they have done, or be shocked, or maybe it was an accident or mistakes, or whatever.

"We know that someone has to know something who lives around them, a neighbours, or seen some blood, or someone acting suspiciously or nervous.

"It might not be important but just give us a call and let us know."

Another man, who is 37 and was arrested last year, is also being interviewed in connection with the case.

Two men have already been charged with Mrs Patel-Nasri's murder.

Two men arrested for killing NRI constable Patel-Nasri

London, Dec. 07, 2006
Rameshvar Singh

Police have arrested two men for the murder of special constable Nisha Patel-Nasri who died after being stabbed in the leg by an attacker outside her home in Sudbury Avenue, Wembley, north-west London, on May 11. She was off duty when she was attacked outside her house, found in her nightclothes and police say she may have come out of the house after hearing someone tampering with cars parked outside.

Detectives have also recovered an Audi A4 believed to be linked to the attack from a street in south-west London.

Police said a 37-year-old man from north London and a 41-year-old man from east London were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Detectives have also recovered an Audi A4 which they believe was the one they had been looking for after it was seen "acting suspiciously"in a nearby street at the time of the murder.

Mrs Nisha Patel-Nasri was a professional hairdresser and part time volunteer police officer for three years.

On Sep. 12, 2006

Police confirmed that the 29-year-old Nisha Patel had been stabbed to death with her own kitchen knife and said forensic analysis of the weapon had yielded "vital" DNA evidence which could identify the perpetrator. Police confirmed that a distinctive 11.8in long John Lewis Evolution cook's knife which was part of a block set that had been missing from her kitchen since the attack.

The Sun newspaper has offered a £10,000 rewad and The Crimestoppers charity has offered £30,000 to anyone who can help to find killer.

The DNA profile and, the CCTV imaging of an Audi A4 saloon car which was seen in the vicinity of the murder about an hour before and then immediately afterwards might helpful.

On the night of her death Mrs Patel-Nasri and her husband had had dinner together to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Mrs Patel-Nasri's husband, Fadi, had left the house shortly before the murder and detectives are investigating whether the intention had been to burgle the property or to steal two expensive limousine-style vehicles which were parked outside.

Her husband, Mr Nasri ran a limousine hire business and police have also investigated whether the motive for the offence could have been connected, or whether it could have been linked with Mrs Patel-Nasri's work as a special constable.

The suspect car is a light grey Audi A4 saloon, featuring a black underseal which does not match its bodywork, a possible blemish on the roof and an inoperative nearside rear registration plate light.

It was seen in Harrowdene Road, which runs parallel to Sudbury Avenue, on two occasions on the night of Mrs Patel-Nasri's death.

Just one hour before her murder it was captured on CCTV in Harrowdene Road turning left into East Lane. A few seconds later it reappeared on the CCTV, having apparently performed a U-turn, reversing the manoeuvre and turning back into Harrowdene Road.

Two to three minutes after the stabbing, the vehicle was seen again in Harrowdene Road. This time it pulled over to the side of the road and waited for about seven seconds with its headlights on before pulling out towards the same junction with East Lane.

The vehicle had apparently come from the direction of Sylvester Road where a suspect was seen just moments after the murder.Detectives are investigating whether the car pulled over in Harrowdene Road to pick up the man, who has been described as a black male in a hooded top. Police believe the car was manufactured between 2001 and 2004. There are approximately 6,000 similar vehicles in the country, including 1,000 in London.




The jury was shown holiday pictures of Fadi Nasri kissing Laura Mockiene

Nisha Patel-Nasri, special constable
She was murdered just yards from her own doorstep in Wembley on May 11, 2006