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Christopher Mohan, bystanders murdered in a mass slaying in Surrey



BC Poker Champion charged in gang slayings of six men in Surrey, B.C



SURREY, B.C., Canada, Dec. 03, 2009
Lachman Singh

The winner of the BC Poker Champion, Sek of Cloverdale, BC, was arrested and changed with manslaughter.

  • He was was arrested two days after winning the poker event.
  • The charges stem from a six person high rise slaying from 2007.
  • Sek is the sixth person arrested in conjunction with this murder spree. Sek had just won the BC Poker Championships after outlasting 679 other players, including Canadian poker pros Brad Booth and Gavin Smith and taking home $364,364 CAD.

The RCMP's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team announced the Sek of Cloverdale, 30, faces charges of manslaughter and break and enter with intent in connection to the October 2007 murders.

Sek faces less serious allegations than the other five charged previously.


Mohan's parents sue five gangsters & owners of highrise Balmoral Tower


  • SURREY, B.C., Canada, Nov. 05, 2007
    Lachman Singh

Eileen and Sunil Mohan, the parents of an innocent Surrey victim, Chris Mohan, 22, who was murdered in a mass slaying in Surrey on Oct. 19, 2007, have filed a civil suit against four gangsters and owners of the rented suite in which the murder took place, the strata corporation that owns the highrise Balmoral Tower and Atira Property Management, the company that looks after the building.

The suit says:

  • Chris Mohans lived across from the death suite from Sept. 15 to Oct. 19, 2007, without any warning that the tenant, Cory Lal, "used Unit 1505 as a site from which to manufacture and sell illegal drugs.
  • The illegal activities of Mr. Lal in Unit 1505 were known to the defendants, the owners of the TOWER- Caesar and Myrna Tiojanco, to the defendant Strata Corporation, and to the defendant Atira, but notwithstanding this knowledge, and the knowledge that this illegal activity gave rise to heightened risks of violence and injury for the immediate neighbours of Unit 1505, neither Caesar or Myrna Tiojanco, the Strata Corporation nor Atira warned Christopher Mohan or his family of Mr. Lal's activities in Unit 1505.
  • These killings were preventable if there had been adequate security and people who had knowledge of wrong-doing within the building had taken action," she said. "Yet it seemed that everyone wanted to sweep this aside and did not care that the tenant in apartment 1505 posed sufficient danger to the safety and security of everyone in the Balmoral Towers.
  • The defendants Karbovanec, Haevischer and Johnston then jointly decided to kill Christopher Mohan to prevent Mr. Mohan from being able to identify them.
  • The Mohan's PARENTS allege the property owners and the management company "negligently failed" to warn or provide adequate security that would have saved their son.
  • The defendants Karbovanec, Haevischer, and Johnston, Bacon, Le and Doe intentionally, recklessly or negligently assaulted, battered and caused the death of Christopher Mohan
  • The plaintiffs seek general, special and punitive damages, and solicitor-client costs against the defendants.
  • They had no choice but to pursue a lawsuit.

Jamie Bacon has filed a constitutional challenge of his solitary confinement- this challenge continues this week in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver. He is also appearing in Surrey Provincial Court with his brother Jarrod for a trial on a series of gun and drug charges.

Dennis Karbovanec sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for 15 years

April 9, 2009:

Dennis Karbovanec, 28, sentenced to life with no eligibility for parole for 15 years. Bacon, Johnson and Haevischer have also been charged with one count of conspiracy to murder Lal.

The documents say:

  • Karbovanec was addicted to oxycontin, a painkiller, at the time of the Surrey slayings.
  • He is "remorseful for his actions" and was "not under any obligation to enter into any arrangement" in pleading guilty

Dennis Karbovanec, entered a guilty plea

April 3, 2009:

Dennis Karbovanec, 28, entered a guilty plea on all three counts who was charged with the second-degree murder of Christopher Mohan, 22, Ryan Bartolomeo, 19, and Michael Lal, 26.

Four others are also charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Corey Lal, 21. The others charged include Jamie Bacon, 23, Matt Johnson, Cody Haevischer and "Person X."

Bacon was arrested when RCMP raided on his Abbotsford home Friday morning. The Red Scorpions engaged in a violent struggle with the UN gang for control of the Lower Mainland's illegal drug trade. Karbovane, Bacon, Bacon's brothers Jarrod and Jonathan were the key members of Red Scorpions. The RCMP took one and half years for the investigation of additional arrest.

Karbovanec will appear next Thursday in Supreme Court for sentencing on the murder and conspiracy charges.

Chris Mohan, 22, bystander, murdered in a mass slaying in Surrey
Gun-related crime is becoming the norm on weekend nights in Vancouver.

SURREY, B.C., Canada, Nov. 05, 2007
Lachman Singh

Chris Mohan, 22, was murdered in a mass slaying in Surrey on Oct. 19, 2007. He was one of the innocent bystanders who was murdered by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, in the "gang-style multiple murder"

Six people were found dead in apartment 1505 at the Balmoral Towers at 9830 East Whalley Ring Road. Some of the youth who were charged were addicted and still got bail. Conditions for bail are: having a permanent address, no record of failing to appear in court and no risk to commit further offences.

RCMP assistant commissioner Peter German said two of the victims - Mohan and gas fireplace repairman Edward J. Schellenberg, 55 were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The family is now living in Unit 1504, just next door to the scene of the killings.

Mohan was supposed to meet friends in Burnaby to play basketball the night he was killed. Family friends told media:

  • Mohan moved to Canada from Fiji when he was 11
  • Mohan's great passion was basketball.
  • He wanted to be big, loved fast food and you never saw him without a bag of McDonald
  • He he was trying to get into shape over the past few months and really into working out.
  • He had done a few odd jobs since graduating from high school and now work at a liquor store near his home.
  • No one hated Mohan. He's never been involved in any kind of trouble. He just kept to himself

Shirif Nand at news conferencsaid, "the loss of Chris Mohan is a great tragedy and the family is still in a state of shock and disbelief."

Michael Keough, Surrey, BC, said, "I met Chris a couple years ago. We played ball, poker, went to the bars and clubs, and hung out at kurts a few times. Even though I only knew Mohan for a couple years, I felt like we had a good friendship because we had a lot of simularities. Everytime I saw Mohan, he'd say Keough with that big smile of his, and shake my hand, which usually turned into a hug because seeing him would always make you feel good. Feel good and make you smile. I never heard him say anything bad about anyone, no matter if there was gossip in the air or not. He was...... Mohan was amazing. He's one of the only people that when judged by God, he can look at his life and smile. He always had good intentions, and never did any wrong, and inspired many people to do the same.



Chris Mohan, 22, the innocent bystanders murdered in a mass slaying in Surrey.

Mohan moved to Canada from Fiji when he was 11


  • The worst violence can be traced to the verdant Fraser Valley southeast of Vancouver, where the Red Scorpions gang has been at war with a multi-ethnic criminal organization called the United Nations.
  • The founder of the U.N. is Clayton Roueche, 33, son of a scrap metal dealer from Chilliwack, population 80,000.