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Miss England 2009


Four NRIs wins a place in the Miss England finals this summer
Females, aged 17 to 24 from the United Kingdom
First prize of $100,000

London, July 09, 2009
Rupinder Singh

Four NRIs are among 54 finalists from all over England, will participate on July 20, in Miss England 2009 at Hilton London Metropole, Edgware Road, London W2. Public voting will end at 6 pm on July 20 and results will be declared.

The winner of Miss England is the only girl from ENGLAND who will qualify for the MISS WORLD contest which has a first prize of $100,000.

The Miss England finalists will be raising money before and during the event which, together with funds raised on the night, will be shared by the three nominated charities.

Miss England 2009- Four NRIs are among 54 finalists

Below are the girls who have made it through to the finals

  1. Zoiey Smale 1007 votes
  2. Rachael Cooper 636
  3. Reema Mehta 408
  4. Uma Dhir 306
  5. Ezanne Redelinghuys 256
  6. Kimberley Peacock 190
  7. Hollie Robinson 173
  8. Gemma Melville 128
  9. Charlotte Holmes 124
  10. Yasmin Pearce 109
  11. Jaime-Lee Faulkner 107
  12. Helen Lawal 102
  13. Katy Baxter 91
  14. Kat Hodge 89
  15. Elishma Fernandes 84 votes
  16. Viki Bailey 71
  17. Lauren Gordon 64
  18. Anna Watts 58
  19. Alexandra Williams 57
  20. Emily Staniland 57
  21. Katy Worth 55
  22. Kerry Price 54
  23. Leanne Groutage 53
  24. Sara Beverley Jones 50
  25. Coralee Matthews 48
  26. Charlotte Mogg 47
  27. Snehali Naik 47 ------ was the winner of Miss India UK 2006
  28. Heather Twaits 45
  29. Suzi Cumming 36
  30. Danielle Talbot 34
  31. Jennifer Charles 31
  32. Lucinda Story 30
  33. Alexandra Devine 28
  34. Debbie O Toole 25
  35. Kayleigh Fay Hewitt 24
  36. Amanda-Lillian Ball 22
  37. Areerat Chorsanthiah 22
  38. Nadia Musa 13
  39. Jodi Edwards 9
  40. Ellen Winter 8
  41. Sarah Mathers 4
  42. Laura Gallagher 3
  43. Leah Welch 2
  44. Jade Elliott 2
  45. Natalie Salmon 1
  46. Megan Brown 1
  47. Rachel Christie 1
  48. Samantha Sophia Del-Greco 1
  49. Eleanor Barr 1
  50. Sinead Blaney 0
  51. Charlotte Packham 0
  52. Farah Sattaur 0
  53. Pia Nippard 0
  54. Tiffany Tyler 0

Uma Dhir 306 votes

Uma Dhir, 23, of Caterham represents MISS SURREY. She graduated in 2007 with a 2.1 BA Honours in Business Management.

  • After University she decided to work in the Care Industry, working with those who suffer with cognitive impairments such as Dementia and Alzheimers.
  • She have helped to raise over £1,000 for The Alzheimer's Society through sponsored runs such as The Great West Run in May 2009.
  • In February 2009, she was appointed as a Magistrate and am now one of the youngest serving Magistrates in the UK

She said, I am a huge fan of theatre, drama and the arts so i have completed an acting course and absolutely love acting! In addition, University and my involvements with those from all walks of life have equipped me with good communication skills and the ability to motivate people which is thoroughly enjoyable! In addition I am a keen believer in helping people be the best they can be and so I really love meeting new people.

Ambitions To be a good role model for others and to help other people to help themselves. I want to help people achieve great things whilst having fun!


Elishma Fernandes 84 votes-----> Click for photo

Elishma Fernandes, 21, of Swindon, Wiltshire, represents MISS WILTSHIRE. She always loved to take part in competitions, many of which includes sports such as table tennis, and creative challenges like drawing and painting. She speaks Hindi, Portuguese and her home language, Konkani. Her most popular talents are singing and dancing. She love designing, painting and drawing fashion. She said:
Ambitions My main ambition is to travel the world and see the beauty of the places I have not yet experienced. It would be amazing to have the chance to work abroad and to see that I could have some effect in people’s lives. I feel wining this competition will open many doors for me and give me the opportunity to achieve a career in something that I truly love. I would be so proud to carry the title of Miss England and represent my country in the Miss World Finals.


Snehali Naik 47 votes----

Snehali Naik, 23, of London, represents MISS ASIAN BEAUTY QUEEN.

  • She was the winner of Miss India UK 2006
  • Placed top 5 in Miss India worldwide 2007 Winner of Miss Asian Beauty Queen 2009
  • Her Modelling work was published in two leading asian magazines
  • She is trained dancerand have the opportunity to teach

She said: My ambition is to be successful in what ever I choose to do. I dream big and hope that one day my dreams will become my reality. I hope success will allow me to be an inspiration to others.


Reema Mehta 408 votes:

Reema Mehta, 24, qualified Chartered Accountant, represents MISS ASIAN WOMAN RUNWAY. She started her own jewellery business. She told media:

I play badminton with friends, go swimming when possible and at University I was a member of a netball team. I am a keen cyclist and at the end of June will be participating in the 54 mile, London to Brighton bike ride for the British Heart Foundation. Jewellery design is an area in which I am extremely creative and this is something I take great pleasure in doing. My passion for jewellery has led me to start my own jewellery company, which is now in its second year of trading. I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with new and fun recipes, particularly desserts, which I have always had a sweet tooth for. She is preparing to run the London Marathon, raising money for charity, and participating in other charity fund raising events.