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Raj Kumar 


We haven’t learned yet to live in Peace 

                                                                Expressions of Faith/ By Dr. Raj Kumar

Hawaii, Jun 23, 2015
Dr. Raj Kumar                                                           

 The massacre caused by a young man who killed nine innocent worshippers in a historical Black church (house of God) in Charleston, South Carolina reminds us that even though we have gone to the moon but we have not learned to live in peace with our fellow human beings on earth.

 This was not the first incidence of a race hate crime committed in a church.  A similar incidence took place in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on August 5, 2012.

 This current tragedy was fueled by hatred of a race, and misuse of a gun.  It was also a heinous crime against humanity.  The day after the shooting, President Obama said, “ U. S. has the highest rate of gun related crimes in the world.  Dr. Kumar believes that it is time to make stricter laws to prevent gun related violence and crimes committed against people from the minority groups in America.

 Mahatma Gandhi said, “A weapon is not dangerous by itself but when it gets into the hands of a wrong person, and if his or her intention changes, then it becomes dangerous, and can lead to violence and death.  Mahatmas Gandhiji said, “Be a change if you wish to see change in the world.” When we change, the world changes.

 Dr. Kumar also believes that “Violence can’t be ceased by violence”.  It can only be ceased by soul consciousness, unconditional love, mutual respect, positive attitude and gentle approach when we communicate with others and practicing nonviolence and forgiveness in our life. 

 It is time to teach our children to respect all religions of the world.  It is important to plant the seeds of love, kindness, humility, compassion and tolerance, and teach our children to accept those who are different. We need to encourage them to be good role models and live with others in harmony in society.  Every individual has a potential to become the ambassador of peace.

 All religions teach about paths of love, hope, kindness, forgiveness, service to others, and God consciousness. They refer to the same creator of this universe.

 No religion teaches its followers to hurt or kill others.  God resides in the hearts of all human beings, no matter if the color of a person is black, white or brown, he or she is rich or poor, or belongs to one religion or another. 

 We have forgotten the spiritual messages of the Bible, Koran, Torah, Bhagvad Gita, Guru Granth Sahib, Dhammapada, Sutras, teachings of other faiths, and the writings of several other spiritual leaders of the world.

 Dr. Kumar believes that everything can be replaced in this material world but the loss of a loved one cannot be replaced with anything and it takes years to overcome the grief.



  •  Dr. Raj Kumar serves as advisory board members in Interfaith Alliance of Hawaii and All Believers Network.
  •   He is the author of numerous books.
  •   He is also the founder and President of the Gandhi International Institute for Peace.