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Have you heard about the 'Amazing Benefits of Fasting'? So amazing  that you may find them hard to believe! And they are loaded with an amazing supernatural power

to transform your life inside-out, and help attain unparalleled success in work and relationships. Without any doubt, Health is the real Wealth we should seek, and 'Fasting' is that one tool which can greatly help to lay hands on this real wealth.

 Fasting can do Miracles

 This is not only a spiritual truth, but now, a medical fact. Fasting can do 'Miracles' to your Body and not only prevent, but also help in curing a number of health issues. The 15th century physician and father of body chemistry - Paracelsus said: "Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within". This is why, Prophets and Spiritual personalities of every religion have laid great emphasis on the importance of fasting for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation of the human body. Today, many followers of various religions fast as mentioned in their scriptures, but this is more of a once or twice a year affair. In actual fact, fasting has to be a weekly routine to stay in peak health at all times.

 Why do you fall Sick?

  Sickness is Mother Nature's way of telling you that your body is filled with toxic wastes and poisons. Every animal in the wilderness knows fasting and this is the method they use to overcome any ailment they encounter. Sadly, we humans have forgotten this natural instinct and have lost touch with the knowledge behind the immense benefits of regular fasting. Today we live in a poisoned world and fasting is the key to internal purification. Sickness is the greatest crime against our body and fasting is the miraculous weapon that can help eradicate this crime. This is why, Hippocrates - The father of medicine, emphasized that to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.

  Fasting is real Easy!

I fast every Monday, and this is how I do it. If I have my Sunday dinner at 7pm, then my next meal would be the following day, that is, Monday at 7pm. This becomes a weekly 24-hour fast and my only intake during this period will be 'Water'. And believe me it is not difficult at all. Initially for the first three to four weeks you may feel a little discomfort, but there-after not only does it become easy, but you also begin to enjoy your day of fasting. When there is no food in your system the body is free from the task of digesting and processing the foods we eat, and then what does it do? It starts the work of cleansing the toxins and poisons that are the cause of every health issue. And when 'Water' is all that you drink during the 24 hour fast, that becomes the tool to flush out the toxins and poisons. It is as easy as that. A weekly 24-hour fast is the key to the cleansing and rejuvenation of your Body, Mind and Spirit, and make you truly aware of who you really are and help you succeed in all your missions.

 Fasting is one of the keys to attain enlightenment and become a supernatural being. Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammad all used this key to become what they became and do what they did. You must have heard that Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness before he began his supernatural works. Both Buddha and Mohammad did likewise, and they all taught their followers to do regular fasting.

 My new book 'Go Back to Nature & Heal your Self' is due for release in Ghana in May 2016. This books explains in great detail the benefits of not only fasting, but many other important factors that will help you to attain optimum health and optimum success in work, business, and relationships.  

 Gurdip Hari.... Mind and Natural Health Teacher




Gurdip Hari,  Mind and Natural Health Teacher