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Most folks either underestimate or simply do not understand the Amazing Power of Righteousness. Obviously, Righteousness does not mean being Right when someone is trying to prove you are Wrong. Rather, the real meaning of this word relates to the basic characteristics of a person. Righteousness is deeply rooted within the heart of every one, and that is one of the two places from where character is built; the other place being the Mind. 

Heart versus the Mind

When Character is built from the Heart, love is the basic ingredient that is used, as there is nothing else there, except love, and that too, pure unconditional love. It is only this kind of love that would eventually lead you to Righteousness. On the other hand when Character is built from the Mind, a whole lot of diverse ingredients are used; ranging from greed, jealousy, un-faithfulness, just to name a few.                   

It is your Choice

As you are the sole Master of your Destiny responsible for everything that ever happens to you in your life, it is your Choice how you build your Character. You can use your Mind or your Heart and get the results as per the ingredients available with each of them. If you have used the Mind till now to build your Character, it would not be difficult to make a switch. You only have to look deep within your Self and determine what kind of Character you have. If others tell you that you are greedy, or have strong traits of jealousy, or you are un-faithful and not trustworthy - you will obviously deny all that. But, if you look deep within and ask your Self these very questions, it would be impossible to run away from the truth. 

Success or Failure

It is so easy to succeed in all that you do, and so easy to fail at the same time. Success or Failure is all dependent on the kind of character you have. If you do whatever you do with love, not only will you succeed in your work or business, you will also succeed in all your relationships. Why? Because, you will ignite the Amazing Power of Righteousness, and everything that was Wrong in your life will gradually turn Right. Greed, Jealousy, Un-faithfulness are the negative elements that suck the energy out of you like a vampire and eventually destroy you in the long run. Where-as Love is the energy that created not only you and me, but all that you can see. It is boundless, limitless and ever-lasting, that's the reality of the Power of Love, or in more simple words, of the Amazing Power of Righteousness.

Who does not want to be in Heaven?

The scriptures describe Righteousness as a moral conduct required to enter into Heaven, which means, without it you will not be allowed to enter. If you are successful and happy with your work, business, health, and relationships, would that not be a state of Heaven? If the requirement to enter the other Heaven which no one has seen is Righteousness, what about the Heaven right here on Earth?

So do take some time to think about this.

Heaven on Earth is right within your reach. All you need to do is to use the Amazing Power of Righteousness. The Door is in front of you - it is your Choice that matters, to enter, or not to enter.

Gurdip Hari.... Mind and Natural Health Teacher




Gurdip Hari,  Mind and Natural Health Teacher