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NRI Sikhs Won The Hearts of Canadian PM, Governors of Indiana and California

NRI Sikhs's Approach have Won The Hearts  and Minds of
Canadian PM, Governors of Indiana and California

New York, May 30, 2016 Sashi Gupta/Gary Singh

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told an audience in Washington that he has more Sikhs in his Cabinet than Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He included four Sikh-Canadians apart from naming an equal number of men and women to a slimmed-down Cabinet. Canadian Sikhs number roughly 475,000 people and account for roughly 1.43% of Canada's population.

In the 2015 Canadian election, twenty Sikh MPs were elected, the most ever. Of these, four Sikh MPs went on to become a part of the Cabinet of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This marked the first time the Cabinet of Canada had more Sikhs as ministers than the Cabinet of India. On April 11, 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that a formal apology for the Komagata Maru incident would finally be given after 102 years.

Toronto NRI Harbinder Singh, a university student told
'Involvement in community life is necessary for the creation of a just and peaceful society. It is not for opting out of family and community life. Every person needs to work for peace; especially those who are in positions of power and authority."

Harbinder further said, "The world was at war at every level as a result of human greed, lust, violence, and lack of compassion. Those who wish to follow the path of love [in the service of God and their fellow beings], should be prepared to make great sacrifices."

"In Canada- all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Buhddists citizens are equal  and have the same rights," said Sudesh Vema. "A country can inspire loyalty from any one if they are treated equally. Hence the Canadian national anthems words. O Canada We stand on guard for thee."

Gadar movement in the United States was a movement to free India from the British rule-
The Ghadar Party was founded in America in 1913 by Sikhs who had fled to California from British Columbia as a consequence of Canadian immigration rules. Despite originally being directed at the racism encountered by Sikhs in the Sacramento Valley and in Sacramento itself, it eventually moved to British Columbia. Thousands of Ghadar journals were published with some even being sent to India. In 1914, with funding help from Germans,  Sikhs returned to India to start an armed fight but received no money or any arms or any institutional help as promised by leaders. Their leaders themselves later surrendered to the British and abandoned their compatriots who were hanged, sent to rigorous imprisonment for life, and lost their earned and ancestral property. Evidence shows, Indian pioneers (majority Sikhs) fought peaceful constitutional means, formed many Hindustani societies, and made armed rebellion and explosive plans from 1907-1914 on the West Coast. Six newspapers supporting Indian freedom were in circulation prior to November 1913. Twenty Nine Sikh religious preachers (also known as Granthis) and 25 Gurudwaras around the globe including in India and Punjab participated in this movement.....READ MORE

KP Singh Awarded Highest Civilian Honor by Indiana Governor- First time in US History - Indiana Governor Mike Pence, in his remarks, complemented the Hoosier Sikh community for their contributions and service to Indiana.


While delivering the inaugural address, Indiana Governor Mike Pence surprised Indiana’s longtime resident (50 years), KP Singh at the Inaugural Sikh Day Parade ceremonies with the highest award that the State of Indiana confers on its citizens.  Governor, in his glowing introduction about KP Singh’s artwork, civic engagements, many diverse involvements, and interfaith leadership......READ MORE


Gov. Jerry Brown of California honors Didar Bains because he is model of Sikh community of 50,000 in California

Bains owns around 40,000 acres farming land- the largest peach grower in the US

Los Angeles, Nov. 18. 2014
NRIpress-Club, LA/ Gary Singh/ Ramesh/ R. Kandola-Photos
Gov. Jerry Brown of California honors Didar Bains because he is model of Sikh community of 50,000 in the region.
During 17th Century, when India was ruled by Mughals (Muslim Extremists treated the Hindu women as there own property and were forcing all Hindus to accept Islam and even used to kill if they refused to accept,” wrote La  scholar John Lis. In 1606, when the Guru refused the forceful conversion, he was put to death by boiling in a cauldron and sitting on a hot iron plate.”.....READ MORE


Indiana NRI Sikhs among 50 Nationalities in the 500-Festival Parade

Indianapolis, May 30, 2016
Kanwal Prakash Singh

Color, pageantry, tradition, culture, and international spirit marked the 60th annual IPL 500 Festival Parade. Acclaimed high school and college marching bands, colorful floats, giant helium balloons, race car drivers, motorcycle riders, celebrities and dignitaries, banners, music, and spontaneous performances all added to the Festival theme of "Experiencing the Celebration." There were 300,000 cheering spectators along the two mile Parade route through Downtown Indianapolis and a nationally televised audience of several million.
The Parade was a riot of color and joyful pride; a display of community hospitality and vitality; tomorrow’s innovations today, promising spirit; and travel into the realms of sheer fun and, Indiana USA,


According to Survey, more than 98% NRI sikhs believe:

  • The Sikh ideology is the embodiment, invites all good people of all beliefs to do something about world peace, and to work together for a tolerant and just world order.
    • God is everywhere and in everyone; no religion is superior to another.
    • None is our enemy. Nor is anyone stranger to us. We are in cordial accord with one and all. The One God pervades all seeing whom, I am in bloom of joy.
    • All have an equal right to the resources of the “great mother earth”
    • Genuine peace is not possible when there is pain and suffering in society. In that sense, Sikh thought agrees that peace is not necessarily the absence of war.
    • In the Sikh tradition, battles have been fought for the protection of human rights or to free enslaved people AND unjust regimes lose their right to rule