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Seminar on Vastu Shastra and Ayurveda in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, May 19, 2010
Dilip Butani

A seminar on Vastu Shastra and Ayurveda, for complete wellbeing, was held on April 25, 2010,  at the Sindhu Center, Norwalk. It was attended by over 125 people.

Shri Vimal Jhajharia who is a very well known and respected Vastu Consultant from Kanpur, India gave an overview of Vastu and the benefits of having proper vastu energy.


He told the audience that Vastu has been derived from the Sanskrit word vasati which means dwelling. It can be any type of space where human beings spend time.  He explained that Vastu helps for proper orientation of buildings to create positive energy.

It is an environmental and architectural science which is about five thousand years old. The science of Vastu is based on the effects of the electromagnetic energy from the North & South poles and the impact the rays of the sun, moon, and planets have on our physiology and psychology.  Vastu also takes into consideration the effect the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) have on our health, wealth, & prosperity. These elements make up everything on our planet. Our human body is also made of these same five elements.

Vastu management creates comfort, peace of mind, satisfaction, balance and harmony in our lives when we follow the laws of nature. When these natural laws are ignored, we experience stress, disease, discomfort and unhappiness in our everyday lives.

He also explained about the unique techniques of Vastu CORRECTIONS, for eliminating the environmental & geopathic stress that is experienced by people in the day to day living and working in homes and offices that are not supported by the laws of nature, without DEMOLITION.

The lecture on Ayurveda for complete wellbeing was delivered by Dr. Ramkumar Kutty of Punarnava Ayurveda, Coimbatore, India. He hails from a traditional Ayurveda family, and has continuously been occupied in promoting Ayurveda, the primary health tradition of India for the last 18 years.

Along with 3 other Ayurveda physicians and Dr. J M Sampath a Values consultant, he established Punarnava Ayurveda, an Ayurveda house in South India that is committed to the cause of "Authentic Ayurveda for Universal Well-Being."

He is currently involved in the creation of Vaidyagrama - a Green Authentic Ayurveda self-sustained healing village in Coimbatore in South India.

Over the last few years, Dr.Ramkumar has presented lectures in America, Europe and South-East Asia on the different aspects of Ayurveda.

He explained the connection and commonality of the Vastu and Yoga with Ayurveda. The five elements, viz, earth, water, fire, air and space need to be balanced so that one can live a life of health and wellness.

He informed the audience about the Dhanvantari avatar with respect to Ayurveda. We are all aware of the “samudra manthan” or “churning of the ocean” by the gods and the demons wherein Lord Dhanvantari emerged with the pot of nectar that was subsequently consumed entirely by the gods leaving the demons enraged and helpless. The metaphorical significance can be explained as follows –

Samudra or the vast ocean represents the mind with all its Gunas and Doshas

1. Mount mandara, which is used to churn the ocean, represents the viveka buddhi or the discriminating intellect

2. Serpent Vasuki represents nitya abhyasa or continuous practice through pranayama and dhyana or intense focus

3. The gods represent the confident, doubtless and universal aspect of the mind; the demons represent the mind filled with doubt and ambition and selfishness

4. The initial visa or poison that emerges in the process of churning simulates the ahankara or ego which needs to be nipped in the bud and submitted at the altar of universal oneness before it consumes one completely

5. The final amrita or nectar is the achievement of the state of eternality and universality of the atma wherein the body and mind no longer matter.

He told that for any healing to happen then the EGO needs to be removed. He explained that ancient Rishis have described the need for Ayurveda for the this age of community living where the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, relationship and environmental wellbeing of human beings is compromised and needs to be balanced.

The talk was interactive in nature and he gave a lot of tips about the "Dincharya" Sukha, Prana, and diet to live a healthy & fulfilling life.

Both the speakers were very well received and the audience was completely involved and appreciative of the knowledge given by them.

The lectures were sponsored by Abhinav Mehta of BLISS SOLUTIONS INC. as part of the company's mission to create awareness about the different aspects of the Vedic culture to experience bliss, harmony and wellbeing in our everyday lives.

D. N. Ram/May20/3:15 PM




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