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BAPS Charities Health Fair Promotes Healthy Living, Educates Public 

Los Angeles, June 08, 2010
By Dilip Butani 

Periodic health check-ups are an essential ingredient to promoting a healthier lifestyle, as they allow for earlier detection as well as necessary intervention to ensure the well-being of the patient. With the increasing diagnoses of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, it is imperative for people to be educated about their health through physical check-ups a few times a year. Recognizing the importance of this awareness, BAPS Charities hosted a Health Fair on Sunday, May 23rd in Chino Hills, CA.

The Health Fair saw participation from 89 health care professionals, including pharmacists, dentists, nurses, physicians, chiropractors, and specialists in the fields of ayurveda & herbal medicine, yoga, cardiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, physical fitness, gynecology, psychology, and psychiatry. These professionals devoted their time and expertise by providing educational seminars, free personal consultations, and basic examinations. Mobile units provided glaucoma and vision testing as well as blood donation services. Over 480 people attended and benefited from this event. Blood testing was also available on May 16th and 278 individuals took advantage of this free service.

This event promoted collaboration between BAPS Charities and community partners, such as student volunteers and local health awareness organizations. Students from the University of Southern California as well as physical fitness experts from the community provided their services to the attendees. 

“I was so impressed at how well organized everything was and how smooth the day went. The volunteers were definitely a huge asset and made our job so much easier. Everyone worked as a team and made the day very successful,” spoke Andy Williams, a student of the USC School of Pharmacy, of the event.

Representatives from the American Diabetes Association as well as the American Cancer Society were available to educate the attendees about the resources available to the community for individuals who may be at risk or diagnosed with these health conditions. They also provided information prevention strategies and information about the diseases. Volunteers from “Every Women Counts”, an organization which raises awareness about breast and cervical cancer, supported the BAPS Charities Health Fair by providing information about the various types of screenings for breast and cervical cancer. The female attendees were able to utilize services such as these as well as the testing of bone density, to further educate themselves about their health.

 The success of the event served as a testimony to the positive impact such services can have upon the community –as health awareness is an important issue for every individual, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

“The one on one interaction with doctors is great. It was setup so that it’s personalized for each patient,” said Monique Perez, a representative of the University of Phoenix, who attended the event.

Such events promote the unity of diverse groups, in humanitarian efforts which are rooted in universal good-will for others. The BAPS Charities Health Fair allowed for such groups to educate and raise awareness of various health issues, and by doing so, benefiting many individuals.

Notable physician, Dr. Singhvi, the president elect of American Physicians of Indian Origin, an organization of Indian-American doctors, lent a helping hand at the annual health fair and encouraged health promotion and disease prevention to all attendees.  He mentioned that due to the economic situation in our nation, many individuals lack health insurance and are not able to receive the medical care they require. For them, this health fair was an opportunity for all those who desire medical attention to seek the screenings and assistance they need.

BAPS Charities hosted similar community Health Fairs at over 30 locations nationwide over the months of April and May, 2010. Shouldered on the belief of service to mankind, BAPS Charities has been sincerely serving the global community since its inception through its numerous humanitarian activities. Managing 9 charitable hospitals and 11 mobile medical vans in India, BAPS Charities has treated over 2 million patients and regularly provides treatment to villagers living in remote areas. Through various activities such as, bone marrow and blood drives, nationwide walkathons, and disaster relief operations, BAPS Charities sincerely serves the world by caring for individuals, families, and communities.

BAPS Charities is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit international charity organization committed to sincerely serving the world by caring for individuals, families, and communities. It is affiliated with BAPS as an independent charity and social services arm. The 55,000 BAPS volunteers networked in over 3,300 centers around the world provide over 12 million volunteer-hours of service annually.

Among social service charities, BAPS Charities is a well-respected and trusted name.  It has amassed over 50 years of firsthand experience in initiating, managing, and sustaining 160 humanitarian operations throughout the world in such diverse fields as: medical services, environmental services, community services, tribal services, and disaster relief services. For additional information on BAPS Charities and its international and local philanthropic activities, please visit




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