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Punjab News: 2010

Photos FM Pb welcomes Jonanthan Bush at E-Health Centre, Mallan dt. 11.2.2010


Pb welcomes Jonanthan Bush at E-Health Centre, Mallan



    “I had only heard & read a lot about the natives of the Punjab, their agriculture skills and love for the land, they belong to. But my visit to Punjab and Mallan in particular, in person, have added further to my imagination about their way of life.” Says a proud Jonanthan on reaching Punjab.

    Jonanthan Bush was highly impressed to see the extent of services being extended by the State Government, particularly, in providing potable water and basic health services in the village. He was all praise for the concern of the State Govt. in the field of basic health services. Establishing R.O. system for potable water and E-health centres by the state govt. were his main pick. Jonanthan Bush could not help commenting, that in case, the people’s representatives and Non-governmental organisations come forward selflessly to the help of the people, it becomes easier for the State Govt. to lift the depressed and the downtrodden.

    Jonanthan Bush was here, at Mallan, on special invitation from Manpreet Badal Finance Minister, Punjab. He was invited to see for himself the quality of services being provided by the State Govt. of Punjab in providing potable water and health related services. It is learnt that Jonanthan Bush an MBA from ‘Harward Business School’, is also associated with an N.G.O. ‘Ethena Health’ in America. He took this opportunity to personally laud the efforts of Manpreet Badal. It is worth mentioning that the villages of Mallan Dodha and Kot Bhai, adjoining Giddarbaha are receiving Global Level E-health services.

    Manpreet Badal, Finance Minister Punjab was found quite concerned about the fast spreading disease of cancer, especially, in Malwa region, but was found quite content and satisfied in providing basic water & health services to the people of this area. He says that water born diseases are common in this area which adversely effect the physical & financial health of the people of the area. Explaining at length, he says that the first ever, R.O. system in Kotbhai in Punjab was inaugrated by Hon’ble the Chief Minister Punjab S. Parkash Singh Badal. Encouraged by this effort, similar R.O. systems were installed in other villages of the area. Nandi Foundation an N.G.O. was instrumental, along state govt., in the installation of R.O. systems in the Giddarbaha area.

    A visit to this area reveals that the people had to go to far off places, to get potable water and health services. Now that this area has three E-health centres which give them a reason to smile on the development in the area. Manpreet Badal was particularly, concerned about the horrifying deaths at the hands of deadly disease cancer in this area for quite some time. Since then he had determined to come to the rescue of the people by providing roads, public sector institutions, potable water and health services.

    Jonanthan Bush before returning to U.S.A. had shown keen interest in the development of this area. He stayed at the village for about half an hour. Besides, appreciating Manpreet Badal he also, promised to re-visit Punjab some time in next few months. Besides Manpreet Badal, among others Charanjit Singh Brar, O.S.D., F.M. Punjab, S. Navtej Singh Kaoni Member S.G.P.C. and Sh. Amit Jain for Nandi Foundation were also present.







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