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Diwali at Artesia, Los Angeles

Two Diwali Events Happening in Artesia Ground on Ist and Ninth November

More than 90% NRIs rejected the two functions.

NRIpress-Club members decided, "Not to involve in these kind of projects where dividing  the NRI community"

Is Artesia Chamber of Commerce’s appointed NRI Official involve to celebrate Diwali Mela on Nov. 01, 2015

Is Personalized power being used for personal gain.

Was the Same Person involve to participate on Nov 07 Diwali Mela

Los Angeles, Aug. 29, 2015

Two Diwali functions should not be exercised at same Artesia Ground on Nov 01 and Nov 07, according to NRIpress-Club's survey by calling more than 25 NRIs including politicians, business owners, associations and Philanthropists who support the functions all the time.

More than 90% NRI rejected the two functions. See Statements of NRIs who like to see one function:

  NRIs Staements to NRIpress-Club
1 "One function cost minimum $20,000. This is wastage of public money minimum $20,000 if they do two functions," said Ravi Sharma from Riverside."I feel that these people have ego problem and not spending one penny from their pocket."
2 "We don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but we did want to make Artesia officials to aware of a particular situation in Chamber of Commerce where some NRI official using power for personal gain to celebrate religious function under the umbrella of Chamber of Commerce," said one association organizer.
3 "Your Children and local American politician laugh on you, when you and your associates are doing action like this," a student of UCI told NRIpress. "We respect our NRI first generation elders but we  and general public does not accept their actions."
4 "Enough is enough and you will be out very soon because social media will kill you," Amiksha Patel, who owns few hotels, told NRIpress." You are wasting people's hard money, please do one function."
5 "Believe it or not, we business people are working 15 hours a day  to pay our bills," a restaurant owner on pioneer street said. "we cannot afford our booth on two functions because public is divided. If we go on one place other one become mad. PLEASE DON'T DIVIDE US"
6 "With two functions, they are dividing our community, businesses and our families," said Naresh Sharma. "they never understand that who has a time to go both functions."
7 "NRIs are losing their reputation in India because of these kinds of poor activities," NRIpress reporter from new Delhi said. "No body understands that why these people are doing two functions when they can serve the purpose with one function.
8 "I told One group leader, who is organizing the function, please remove my name as a sponsor because I never promise you," a southern California politician told us. "Interestingly the group leader said, sir don't worry about money, we like to use your name." 

MUCH MORE THERE.....but we are not publishing because some used hard language

According to City of Artesia website, it read:

“The mission of the “Chamber of Commerce” is to promote business growth in the local economy of the small town of Artesia, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for not just the business community but for all Artesians as well. Artesia Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2010. The goal is to create an efficient and dynamic organization that will respond to the needs of the business community in Artesia.”


To help the NRI (Non-resident Indian)  community, NRIpress-Club was established under the umbrella of, Inc.

Our Mission is very simple, please read:

As a strong team of more than 60 entrepreneurs, we always like to see one function of Aug 15, Jan 26 and Diwali in Artesia. After talking businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists, Gary Singh announced to celebrate Diwali as big functions by getting help of more than 60 NRI associations and business Community.

  • Dr. Manorama was agreed and booked the Jain Mandir for Nov 07, 2015.
  • Later Primal Shah joined  the team and  we all agreed  to do function in open ground  as bigger Mela. Meeting was called in his office and approved. See few emails:
  • We also agreed to control the stage by hiring MC, recognize all Philanthropists, associations and people who actually helping our NRI community. We must also develop such an environment that people  should think that we are not controlling the stage.

From: Parimal Shah []
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 10:52 AM
Subject: Diwali ground booking

Hi Gary
I talked to city of Norwalk yesterday. This week is spring break so we can not get a answer. We have to wait until next week.

Parimal Shah
Pioneer Realty & Investments
562-618-1400 \

b From: []
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2015 11:28 AM
To: ''
Cc: ''
Subject: FW: Special Event Permit Application
c All emails and texts are saved for official records

Two NRIs  confirmed Artesia Park to Celebrate Diwali on Nov. 01 & Nov. 07


DEWALI MELA ON NOV. 07, 2015:  Dr. Manorama Sharma confirmed  the date Nov. 07, 2015 at Artesia Park:

  1. Supported By NRIpress-Club
  2. Supported By Parimal Shah- Pioneer Realty & Investments, and President of  Chamber of Commerce


DEWALI MELA ON NOV 01, 2015: was also booked and confirmed

"Parimal Shah has booked the Artesia Ground for Nov 01 to celebrate Diwali," Anil Mahajan told Gary Singh on telephone. " but I am not involved in this project and I have no interest in this event."

  If Any official member of Chamber of Commerce booked the religious event on Nov. 01, 2015, he/she should clarify his/her position to City officials of Artesia and to NRIs

Some NRIs are simply power hungry and prone to use their power to subjugate others.

Socialized power/Personalized power:  The question we're often asked is "why and how does power corrupt leaders?"

  • Socialized power is power used to benefit others. We hope that our elected officials have this sort of power in mind and are primarily concerned with the best interests of their constituents.
  • Personalized power is using power for personal gain. It dominates and the leader gains, often at the followers' expense.

When Leaders become "intoxicated" by power - engaging in wrong behavior simply because they can get away with it and  use personalized power for personal gain…The NRI Community does not accept its authority to make such a declaration.

Almost  two weeks back, on Aug 15, 2015, two associations  UFICA and FIA  celebrated India's 69th Independence Day….. What did they get from this by paying $20,000 to actress Raveena Tandon  for 2-3 hours,. Nothing but disrespect NRI in whole India by top lines like this: "Drunk man misbehaves with Raveena Tandon at I-Day event in US."

  • "We spent almost 25 hours to find true story to save NRIs who paid $20,000 to Raveena Tandon," NRIpress-Club member said…PLEASE READ…..CLICK

NRIpress-Club’s Position When NRIpress-Club’s organizers found that two Dewali mela events are announced  to celebrate in first week of Nov, 2015,  NRIpress-Club members decided, "Not to involve in these kind of projects where dividing  the NRI community."

We requested Dr. Manorama Sharma to call Primal Shah to work together. Primal Shah told her that he would discuss with Anil Mahajan to have meeting...... but never happened.

NRIpress-Club already decided that they will not participate because of their mission.

Note: Gary Singh shall not involve in any organization events in near future due to his accident and his health reasons....KK